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"IT as a service" is a new approach to information technology resourcing that gives business users a complete service package.
aZaaS specialises in offering BPM process management, engines, tools, platforms and solutions on hybrid cloud architecture, providing enterprise mobility, BPaaS, communication and collaboration, DaaS, IT management and It consulting services.
Service content:
-Enterprise Mobility Service
aZaaS mobility service not only provides mobile device management tools incorporating NFC, it also provides identification and access control for both individuals and groups of users. This service meets the needs of enterprise mobility and ensures the security of information.
Whether it is business processes within departments or process flows between departments, or even integration between different application systems, we can link them to a complete business process loop.
-Communication and Collaboration
The excellent collaboration aZaaS has pursued bases on a mobility foundation with focusing on the collaborative processes between people and between systems, as well as between people and systems.
Collecting information from diverse data sources, you can build the data model of enterprise operation, product trends and development strategy based on your needs. Information from intelligent analysis of data, can be pushed automatically to decision makers, providing a comprehensive basis for business development.
-Education management
The online education system aZaaS offered is not only suitable for the school teaching, but also can be used in enterprise training and government agencies. From students management to courses, from the examination paper evaluation management to intelligent analysis, to make the whole process of education procedure.
-IT management
Web hosting, identity management, data management, development services, network, integration, information security and so on, whatever your IT related needs, we can be of service.
-IT consulting
We offer consulting on mobility, cloud, IT sourcing, network, communication, data center, user computing, security and other aspects. Let us help you develop your IT strategy, technology and service, and create value through better business.

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