Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Meet your unique cloud infrastructure needs

Support your mission-critical applications and workloads with instant and scalable infrastructure. With Azure IaaS, you can focus on your business needs instead of spending the time and money it takes to plan, procure, secure, and manage the right infrastructure to meet your application demands.

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Quickly provision infrastructure for all your workloads

Whether your mission-critical applications are powered by Linux, Windows Server, SAP, or Oracle, Azure offers certification and support for these and other workloads, including your favorite open source technologies. In the 50 Azure global regions, choose from a wide variety of virtual machine sizes and storage performance classes configured for specific types of workloads. For specific applications like SAP HANA, Azure IaaS provides purpose-built, bare-metal infrastructure that can scale to extreme sizes.

Rio Tinto
“With SAP running in Azure, we can deploy needed infrastructure faster and thus respond faster to pricing volatility in commodities, exchange rate fluctuations, and business needs.”

Steve Somerville, Head of Enterprise IT Services

Smithfield Foods
“The key to our hybrid use model success is Azure ExpressRoute and Equinix; this setup is awesome. Azure networks have been growing consistently, and the performance is amazing.”

Matthew Douglas, Director of Cloud and Solutions Architect

Implement your hybrid cloud strategy with confidence

Go beyond connecting your datacenter to the cloud. Create an optimized hybrid cloud to fuel your business transformation. Azure is the only cloud that provides truly consistent hybrid cloud capabilities across your on-premises and cloud environments. Use Azure Active Directory to give users anywhere single sign-on experiences. Seamlessly distribute data between on-premises and the cloud with Azure data services. Minimize risks and management complexity by securing and managing on-premises and cloud workloads holistically. Empower your developers with a common set of advanced tools to build hybrid cloud applications using Azure Stack.

Secure and manage your workloads with built-in tools

Azure offers a full set of integrated and intelligent services that supports all your security and management needs. Turn on Azure Security Center to gain full visibility into the security state of your virtual machines, proactively identify and mitigate risks, and quickly detect and respond to advanced threats. Use Azure Backup to safeguard your data from ransomware or human errors. Monitoring solutions, such as Azure Monitor, help you quickly troubleshoot and address application issues. Governance capabilities, such as Azure Policy, help you effectively govern your Azure environment with policy-based management. All these tools are built into Azure to help you get started faster.

“We get consistent levels of infrastructure security with Azure, because we can leverage a wealth of security technologies that Microsoft is constantly improving.”

Harold Groothedde, Technology Solutions Director

Malaysia Airlines
“By paying only for what we use and by expanding and contracting those resources to meet business needs, we manage SAP much more effectively on Azure than we ever did in our own datacenter.”

Tan Kok Meng, Chief Information Officer

Reduce and optimize infrastructure costs

Deliver the availability, security, and performance your workloads require at a fraction of the cost of running them on-premises—and realize up to 435 percent ROI over five years, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft. Pay for only the infrastructure you use with per-second billing for virtual machines, reduce costs for predictable workloads with Azure Reserved VM Instances, and take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit to save even more. And because AWS is 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server, you’ll pay less with Azure. Plus, use the free Cost Management solution to manage and optimize your cloud spend.

Migrate to Azure IaaS with confidence

Make your cloud migration faster and easier with the Azure migration center. Find proven tools and processes that guide you in migrating your on-premises applications, workloads, and databases to the cloud.

Get started in the Azure migration center

Solution architectures

SAP NetWeaver on SQL Server

SAP NetWeaver no SQL ServerA solução de aplicativo NetWeaver no SQL Server ilustra como uma solicitação de usuário flui em um cenário do SAP criado no NetWeaver usando Máquinas Virtuais do Azure para hospedar aplicativos SAP e um banco de dados do SQL Server. Esse sistema usufrui do clustering do SO, proporcionando um Armazenamento Premium de alta disponibilidade para acelerar o desempenho e a escalabilidade do armazenamento, bem como a funcionalidade AlwaysOn do SQL Server para replicação e também uma configuração de DR (recuperação de desastre) completa para garantir 99,95% de disponibilidade do sistema.123456789
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


This NetWeaver on SQL Server application solution illustrates how a user request flows through an SAP landscape built on NetWeaver using Azure Virtual Machines to host SAP applications and a SQL Server database. This system takes advantage of OS clustering for high availability, premium storage for faster storage performance and scalability, SQL Server AlwaysOn capability for replication, and a full disaster recovery (DR) configuration for 99.95 percent system availability.


  1. 1 Using Azure Active Directory synchronized with on-premises Active Directory, SAP application user authenticates from on-premises to SAP landscape on Azure with single sign-on credentials.
  2. 2 Azure high speed Express Route Gateway connects on-premises network to Azure virtual machines and other resources securely.
  3. 3 Sales order request flows into highly available SAP ABAP SAP Central Services (ASCS), and then through SAP application servers running on Azure Virtual Machines scale out file server in an Azure VM
  4. 4 The request moves from the SAP app server to SQL Server running on a primary high-performance Azure VM.
  5. 5 Primary (active) and secondary (standby) servers running on SAP certified virtual machines are clustered at OS level for 99.95 percent availability. Data replication is handled through SQL Server AlwaysOn in synchronous mode from primary to secondary, enabling zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
  6. 6 SQL Server data is persisted to high-performance Azure Premium Storage.
  7. 7 SQL Server data is replicated Disaster recovery virtual machine in another Azure region through Azure’s high speed backbone network and using SQL Server’s AlwaysOn replication in asynchronous mode. The disaster recovery VM can be smaller than the production VM to save costs.
  8. 8 VMs on the disaster recovery region can be used for nonproduction work to save costs.
  9. 9 SAP app server with ASCS on disaster recovery side can be in standby shutdown mode, and can be started when needed to save costs.

Hybrid identity with Azure Stack

Identidade híbrida com o Azure StackA necessidade de manter componentes de aplicativos locais não precisa ser um obstáculo para a adoção de tecnologias de nuvem. Com o Azure Stack, componentes de aplicativos podem permanecer sendo locais enquanto interagem com componentes em execução na nuvem pública do Azure. Essa planta permite que as equipes gerenciem a identidade de usuários e de aplicativos de modo consistente entre nuvens.12334556
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


The need to keep application components on-premises doesn't have to be a barrier to adopting cloud technologies. With Azure Stack, app components can reside on-premises while interacting with components running in Azure public cloud. This blueprint enables teams to manage identity for users as well as applications in a way that is consistent across clouds.


  1. 1 Set up an Azure Active Directory tenant.
  2. 2 Create users.
  3. 3 Deploy, manage, and operate application resources on Azure and Azure Stack.
  4. 4 Create service principles.
  5. 5 Deploy with service principles.
  6. 6 Application resources can communicate over network.

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