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Build powerful transactional business apps on a fully managed platform

Add flexibility and scalability to your business apps with Azure SQL Database—the intelligent, fully-managed relational cloud database service built for developers.

See how it’s done, step by step

Take on the role of a developer at a financial software company as they migrate their transactional apps to a fully managed cloud platform and discover the benefits of built-in intelligence. Learn how the development team adds each new feature, and interact with code to see the changes in real time. This developer-centric walkthrough lets you get hands-on with several topics, including:

  • Moving the database to the cloud
  • Opportunities to improve speed and resiliency
  • Scaling the database on demand
  • Protecting your customers’ data
  • Accelerating innovation through cloud services

Optimize your app’s performance

Learn how to ensure that your app’s database performs reliably through dynamic resource scaling, feature implementation, and intelligent monitoring and tuning.

Experiment with code in a self-paced development lab

Dive into an immersive development environment where you’ll have the freedom to play with the code behind transactional apps.

Free webinar: Scale and innovate: easily move your transactional workloads to the cloud

Join or stream a webinar on adding flexibility and scalability to your business apps by migrating your transactional workloads to a managed database to the cloud.