Azure IoT security

Unblock IoT innovation with the confidence of end-to-end security

Build secure IoT deployments

Azure IoT is built for security. Simplify the complexity of your IoT security solution with built-in protection at each stage of your deployment (including your cloud services and devices) and minimize security weaknesses wherever they exist. Stay ahead of risks with intelligent monitoring tools built with powerful AI.

Harden devices with hardware security, multi-layer software defenses, device monitoring, and renewable security.

Secure connections with encryption and certificate-based authentication.

Protect cloud services with security-first Azure infrastructure, privacy controls, and compliance tools.

Empower security teams with security information event management (SIEM), threat protection, and security posture management tools.

Achieve true end-to-end IoT security

Attackers try to infiltrate IoT deployments by identifying security weaknesses, so building security into every part of your IoT platform is essential for minimizing risks to your private data, business assets, and reputation.

Take advantage of built-in security, visibility, and control for every part of your IoT deployment. Prevent weak spots in your devices and services with security by design and get stack-ranked suggestions for new security improvements. Monitor the health of all of your IoT devices in near real time and block compromised devices with Azure IoT Hub. Use Azure Security Center for IoT to find and eliminate threats with easy-to-follow steps ranked by importance, and configuration suggestions to help you improve your overall security posture.

Implement best-in-class device security

Build highly secure MCU-based IoT devices with Azure Sphere: a turnkey solution that provides protection capabilities for both newly-built and brownfield devices. Get multiple layers of defense, continuous device monitoring, and the ability to return compromised devices to a safe state. Run AI and custom logic securely at the edge with Azure IoT Edge and its extensible security framework. Protect other IoT devices with SDKs for monitoring and controlling devices, and simplify the process of implementing hardware security modules with the Open Enclave SDK (preview).

Get global-scale threat monitoring solutions

Take advantage of unique threat intelligence that’s distilled from trillions of signals collected daily, including from other organizations in your industry and region. This virtuous circle of cloud-scale machine learning and behavioral analytics enables Microsoft researchers to find new threats and proactively create and implement security fixes before your IoT deployment is affected.

Find, investigate, and respond to the real threats in minutes without the fatigue of false positives with Azure Sentinel, which uses AI to make threat detection, investigation, and response smarter and faster. Easily monitor all of your Azure Sphere devices for security anomalies and harden them against attacks before they affect the rest of your deployment with the Azure Sphere Security Service.

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