Microsoft IoT partners

Grow your business. Collaborate with an Internet of Things (IoT) partner to customize your IoT solutions and ensure your projects succeed. Or, join us and expand your customer base by becoming an IoT partner.

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Why use Microsoft IoT partners

Connect with confidence

From security auditors to hardware partners with Azure Certified for IoT devices, you’ll create your solution without the worry.

Get a wide range of expertise

Access our extensive IoT partner network to find the right specialist for you. From enterprise security to advanced analytics, they’re ready to help you solve your business challenges.

Why become a Microsoft IoT partner

Build your business

Own the customer relationship and expand your business by reaching more customers. Showcase your devices, solutions, or expertise in security, systems integration, and more.

Get exclusive resources

Be part of the Microsoft partner community and enjoy access to in-depth resources to help you succeed.

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