Grow your business with our cloud marketplace

Engage with 100 million active users

Go to market with Microsoft to increase your visibility and multiply your opportunities to connect with Microsoft customers looking for your offerings.

Why publish in our cloud marketplace?

Position your cloud marketplace offer portfolio as the sales engine for your cloud business. Use our demand-generation and joint sales and marketing resources to promote your offerings while helping customers connect with the best solutions for their needs. Ask about no-cost publishing benefits


Generate leads and sales opportunities

Enter new markets with an expanded portfolio of solutions built on the Microsoft cloud platform. And use the marketplace to upsell and cross-sell your offerings.


Increase deal size with new and existing customers

Grow deals and address customer pain points by moving workloads to the cloud and selling integrated solutions.


Gain actionable insights

Track offer performance, leads generated, and how you can maximize your campaign activities via the Cloud Partner Portal.


Scale your business

Promote your offers with our go-to-market services. Increase your impact when you publish a transactable offer in the marketplace, and earn benefits as your business grows.

Which storefront is for you?

Two distinct marketplace storefronts together comprise the cloud marketplace: Azure Marketplace and AppSource. Using these virtual storefronts, partners can list offers and trials, and transact directly with Microsoft customers and our ecosystem.

The cloud marketplace platform allows customers to find, try, and buy applications and services that help them accelerate their digital transformation, while providing partners access to our customers and partner ecosystem.

Here’s how the two storefronts compare.

Azure Marketplace AppSource
Target audience IT professionals, developers (including database administrators, SecOps, DevOps, and others) Line-of-business (LOB) decision makers (including procurement, manufacturing, accounting, and others)
Built to extend Azure Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, and Power Apps
Types of solutions and services Infrastructure solutions and professional services Finished LOB apps and professional services
Publishing options Contact Me, Consulting Services Offer, Trial, Virtual Machine, Solution Templates, or Managed Apps Contact Me, Consulting Services Offer, or Trial
In-app experience Azure Portal and CLI Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office client apps

Which publishing option is right for your business?

Each storefront supports multiple publishing options and offer types: List, Trial, and Transact. Select the offer type that best represents your application and service details. All publishing options provide access to lead sharing.

Publishing option Offer Type Storefront
List Contact Me, Consulting Service, SaaS Applications Azure Marketplace, AppSource
Trial Free Trial, SaaS Trial, Interactive Demo, Test Drive, SaaS Applications Azure Marketplace, AppSource
Transact Virtual Machine, Solution Template, Managed Application, Container, SaaS Applications Azure Marketplace

Learn more about publishing on Azure Marketplace and AppSource.