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Customer environments are evolving, becoming increasingly complex with many applications often running on different hardware across on-premises datacenters, multiple clouds, and the edge. Managing these disparate environments at scale, ensuring uncompromised security across an entire organization, and enabling developer agility and innovation are critical to success.

Azure uniquely helps you meet these challenges, giving you the flexibility to innovate anywhere in your hybrid environment while operating seamlessly and securely.

Customers are doing great things with Azure hybrid capabilities


Run Azure data services anywhere

Deploy and manage Azure data services on your Kubernetes clusters—across on-premises and cloud—with access to cloud automation benefits, always up-to-date cloud innovation, and unified data management.

Extend Azure management to any infrastructure

Seamlessly govern and manage on-premises and cloud resources with a single control plane in Azure, including your Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs), Kubernetes clusters, and databases.

Build apps, deploy to any location

Build applications using any language and platform of your choice—and deploy consistently to wherever they’re needed in your environment.

Deliver security across your organization

Get comprehensive security management and AI-enabled threat protection across on-premises, Azure, and other clouds. Manage access and protect your business with one universal identity platform.

Azure products and services to build your hybrid solutions

Azure Arc

Seamlessly extend Azure management to any infrastructure with Azure Arc. Run Azure data services anywhere in your hybrid environment to gain always-current data cloud innovation and unified data management.

Azure Stack

Build, deploy, and run truly consistent hybrid applications across on-premises, cloud, and the edge in both connected and disconnected scenarios.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Deploy your workloads from Azure or other clouds to run on Azure IoT edge devices. Operate machine learning models, compute, and IoT workloads at the edge for quick, actionable results.

Developer tools and DevOps

Take advantage of the most comprehensive developer toolkit to build, test, and deploy your applications. Extend Azure DevOps to any environment and any cloud so you can collaborate better and ship faster.

Security and identity

Get unified security management and AI-enabled threat protection across on-premises, Azure, and other clouds. Create seamless, single sign-on experiences across cloud, mobile, and on-premises apps.


Build a fast, reliable, and secure hybrid network and deliver the best user experiences by connecting your global branch offices and point-of-sale locations with Azure and the Microsoft global network. Deploy and operate private 5G and LTE networks with ultra-low latency connectivity to industry robotics, automation and connected devices.

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