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Govern and manage your cloud application costs with services from Azure.

Optimize your cloud

In this phase, use Azure security and management resources to govern, secure, and monitor your cloud applications in Azure. Begin using these services during your migration and, with Azure hybrid support, continue using many of them for a consistent experience across your hybrid cloud. In general, these resources help you run a secure and well-managed environment while using products available in the Azure portal.


Manage your cloud spend with transparency and accuracy using Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn. Use this solution to monitor, allocate, and trim costs to build toward your next cloud investment.


Take advantage of unique Azure offers, such as Azure Hybrid Benefit and Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances, and continue right-sizing your migrated VMs to your workloads for improved value.


Apply your savings by adding capabilities in the cloud. Migrate additional workloads, modernize existing workloads, secure your workloads, and improve management in Azure.

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