Azure Migration Program

Get the guidance and expert help you need at every stage of the cloud migration journey. Migrate infrastructure, databases, and apps—and move forward with confidence.

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Simplify your cloud migration journey

Watch to get an overview of the Azure Migration Program and how it can help you confidently migrate to Azure. Learn how get proactive guidance and tools—plus the right mix of expert help at every stage of your migration journey.

Flexible to meet your unique needs

Migrate your infrastructure, databases, and apps on your own terms

Find the cloud migration companies and specialized Azure migration partners that best fit your scenario

Get the specific security, governance, data, and networking design guidance you need for your project

Optimize costs to meet your budget

Qualify for Azure credits to help offset transition costs as you migrate

Get cloud migration services from subsidized partners for assessment and migration

Learn cloud skills with Azure technical training through Microsoft Learn and accredited partners

High confidence with the right expert help

Get direct access to FastTrack for Azure engineers to help plan your cloud migration and design your architecture

Work with specialized migration partners to address your unique needs

Continue to get support from migration experts even after your migration is complete

See what Azure Migration Program customers have to say

Get the help you need to simplify your journey to the cloud

Self-guided digital support

Benefits include:

  • Immediate access to curated resources designed to support your migration efforts
  • A call from an Azure sales specialist to help answer questions about Azure and your migration plans
  • A short email series with guidance and next steps
  • Access to learn cloud skills with Azure technical training through Microsoft Learn and accredited partners

Guided deployments*

Benefits include:

  • Expert help from FastTrack for Azure engineers and specialized migration partners
  • Assistance to deliver your project, including planning, design, and migrating your workloads to Azure
  • Offers to help offset your migration costs (based on eligibility)
  • Access to Azure technical training and certifications tailored to your organization's needs

*Note: Guided deployments have a minimum project size to qualify. See the form for details.

Organizations of all sizes can apply to get help on their migration projects.

All fields marked with * are required

What type of assistance would you like to receive? *
Which scenario are you interested in? *

Infrastructure and Database Migration Project Details

Which workloads are in scope for your DC migration (Select one or more) *

Note: Guided deployments have a minimum project size of 50 virtual machines or 10 database instances

App and Data Modernization Project Details

Note: Guided deployments have a minimum project size of 10 virtual machines supporting existing apps

Note: Virtual machines counted should include both Windows Server and SQL Server instances

VDI Project Details

Note: Guided deployments have a minimum project size of 250 VDI users

Which VDI deployment option are you planning? *

Note: Please ensure you have the appropriate licensing if your deployment option is Windows Virtual Desktop. For more information, visit the pricing page.

Are you already working with a partner? *
Do you consent to us sharing your contact and project information with appropriate partners (including the partner’s primary Microsoft employee contact)? *

Partners are deep technical experts who can help you plan, customize, implement or manage your Azure solutions. Do you want to be connected directly to a recommended cloud migration partner? We will share your information with up to three select migration partners who will contact you regarding your project.

Partners are welcome to nominate their customers for migration projects.


Microsoft account teams are welcome to nominate their customers' migration projects.


Azure Migration Program FAQs

  • What are the benefits of the Azure Migration Program?

    The Azure Migration Program helps accelerate your journey to the cloud by providing the following benefits:

    Which geographic regions are supported?

    The Azure Migration Program is available to all Azure customers. The program offers direct assistance to customers in the following supported geographic areas: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Myanmar, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnam. Expansion to other regions is being planned and will be announced closer to the launch dates. Local language coverage is dependent on resource availability.

  • Am I eligible to join the Azure Migration Program?

    The Azure Migration Program is available to all Azure customers through self-nomination, or nomination on a customer’s behalf from a partner or Microsoft account team.

  • How do I join the Azure Migration Program?

    1. Contact us: Start by submitting a simple form telling us about your migration project.
    2. Find out more: After you submit the form, Microsoft will assemble a mix of resources and advise you on the next steps.
    3. Migrate and maximize your ROI: Microsoft will help you to assess and migrate your environment. In addition, we’ll provide you with resources to optimize your costs and secure your environment for ongoing success with Azure.

    How much does the Azure Migration Program cost?

    There’s no additional cost for the Azure Migration Program for Azure customers.

  • How does the Azure Migration Program work with partners?

    Microsoft believes that every customer can benefit from using Azure and should engage with a migration partner on this journey. We will either provide you with resources directly or match you with a migration partner if you don't already have one.