Microsoft Azure Germany

Mission-critical workloads - on a compliant, secured, isolated cloud

  • All customer data and related systems reside in Germany
  • Designed to meet strict European Union (EU) requirements
  • Controlled by a German data trustee
  • Applicable to organizations doing business in EU/EFTA and UK

Already have an Azure account? Azure Germany services require a separate account with distinct pricing.

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German datacenters

All customer data and required supporting systems reside in German datacenters

Strict data protection

Designed to meet the strictest EU data protection requirements and certifications

German data trustee

Controls physical and logical access to customer data under German law

Why Azure Germany?

We offer Azure services across Europe from several global datacenters, and Azure Germany is a differentiated option from these with separate accounts and pricing. It delivers our industry-leading services from German datacenters, with data residency in Germany, and strict data access and control measures provided through a unique data trustee model governed under German law. The primary differences between Azure Germany and other regions warrant the following considerations:

Data residency and sovereignty needs
Public sector or restricted industry requirements
Compliance requirements
Eligibility, with business in EU/EFTA and UK
Location of your organization and customers
Cost and budget considerations