Azure Australia Central Regions

Mission-critical cloud designed for Australia and New Zealand government and critical infrastructure sectors

  • IRAP (Security) assessed and approved for OFFICIAL: Sensitive- and PROTECTED-level data
  • Delivered from the Australian-owned, Secret-accredited facilities of CDC Data Centres
  • Built for mission-critical applications supported by an open ecosystem of partners

Meet the tough demands of mission-critical applications


Hyperscale cloud designed and operated to manage Australian Government PROTECTED data in compliance with the Protective Security Policy Framework.


Ensure high availability and disaster resilience from the only global cloud in multiple Australian regions.

Hybrid flexibility

Modernise applications on your terms, with the option to locate legacy or specialized systems within the same facilities as Azure.


Reduce network costs and improve performance by connecting via Azure ExpressRoute from the government Intra Government Communications Network (ICON).


The technical, governance, physical and personnel controls to meet the requirements for storing and processing PROTECTED-level data are built-in to the platform and services.

Modernize mission-critical apps on your terms

With confidence in your system’s security and performance, you can extend and upgrade your apps—and right-size your Microsoft Azure or co-location space—as needed. Design, build, and test for the Azure platform. Then deploy in the cloud, in a co-location space, or to a remote, disconnected location.

Make better decisions with data analytics and AI

Build intelligence into your apps and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) at scale with a comprehensive set of tools and services. Use your favorite open source data science solutions from leading providers such as Cloudera, MapR and Hortonworks, or build with the Microsoft platform of data management, analytics and AI services.

Optimize your infrastructure with direct connectivity

Deploy a seamless hybrid cloud that connects your legacy systems and private cloud directly to Azure. Australian Federal Government users of the ICON network can dramatically reduce and predictably control network costs.

Run your Linux based applications your way

Azure supports common Linux distributions, including Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Oracle Linux and CoreOS. Run your applications in Linux virtual machines (VMs), deploy and run containers in Kubernetes, or choose from hundreds of pre-configured images available in the Azure Marketplace.

Take advantage of specialized partner solutions

With the most extensive network of local to global partners providing applications tailored to Australian and New Zealand government and critical infrastructure, you have access to the latest relevant innovations. Solutions range from policing to blockchain, records management to energy management, and beyond.

Not all clouds are created equal

  • Delivered from Canberra Data Centres, an Australian-owned datacenter provider that serves the unique requirements of government and critical infrastructure
    The highest number of international and local security certifications, and SCEC Zone 4 certified, making the Australia Central Regions the most secure public cloud facility in Australia
    Australia’s only cloud service provider operating from four geographically distributed locations across the country, designed for both high availability and disaster resilience
    Committed to transparency in security assessments from leading auditors, so you can be confident in meeting compliance requirements

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