Azure DevOps Projects

Build any Azure application, on any Azure service, in less than five minutes

Get started with Azure more easily than ever

With DevOps Projects, start running your application on any Azure service in just three steps—simply select an application language, a runtime, and an Azure service.

Built-in support for popular application frameworks

Choose from a variety of languages—including .NET, Java, PHP, Node, Python, Go and others—and many of their popular frameworks. Or deploy your own application hosted on a source control.

Deploy to the platform of your choice

Run your application on Windows or Linux. Simply deploy to Azure Web App, Virtual Machine, Service Fabric or choose Azure Kubernetes Service for your application. While options are wide-ranging, execution is simple and fast.

Application Insights integration

Get rich performance monitoring, powerful alerting, and easy-to-consume dashboards to help ensure your applications are available and performing as you expect.

Cloud-powered CI/CD

Automate and simplify application deployment with Azure Pipelines. With auto-generated, fully integrated CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment), apps are updated each time their source code changes. Create and track backlog, manage code repositories, and improve your team collaboration.

Get started simply

Learn how to scale DevOps practices throughout your organization

Download the Enterprise DevOps 2020-2021 report to learn how top performing organizations have implemented DevOps across their businesses.

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