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Node.js Developer Center

  • npm install azure
  • git commit -m "My first Node app"
  • git push azure master

Node.js Developer Center

Develop & deploy with Visual Studio

Leverage Node.js editing, profiling, Intellisense, and debugging capabilities

Publish Windows Azure applications directly from Visual Studio

Node.js Developer Center

Windows Azure SDK for Node.js

Support for deploying Windows Azure Websites, Virtual Machines, and Mobile Services, configuring git-based deployments, and using Service Bus and Storage.

  • npm package npm install azure-cli -g
  • download installers windows | mac | linux
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Node.js Developer Center

Fast relational data storage with SQL Database

Learn the basics of using Windows Azure SQL Database by creating an Express app that stores and accesses data in SQL Database

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Node.js Developer Center

Microsoft WebMatrix

Building apps for Windows Azure with WebMatrix

Microsoft WebMatrix is a lightweight IDE that takes your Node.js
development experience to the next level. Like Coffeescript, Jade, and Less?

Check out WebMatrix

Create your first Node.js app

Deploy in seconds using Git with Windows, Mac, or Linux. And it's free.

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