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Node.js Developer Center

Learn how to build and deploy Node.js apps on Azure and how to use Node.js to use and manage your Azure resources

Azure SDK for Node.js

Use and manage your Azure resources with Node.js

Get the SDK from npm:
npm install azure
Get the source from GitHub:
git clone
cd azure-sdk-for-node
npm install

Create your first Node.js Web application on Azure

Get started with Node.js on Azure by creating your first web application on Mac/Linux/Windows using a popular web framework, and deploy it Azure using Git.

Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI)

A lightweight cross-platform command-line tool to manage services and accomplish common tasks.

Install and configure the Azure CLI

Develop & deploy with Visual Studio

Use Visual Studio to edit, profile and debugging applications, and publish to Azure directly from Visual Studio

Download Node Tools for Visual Studio

Node Tools for Visual Studio documentation


Storage - Blob
Storage - Table
Storage - Queue
Notification Hubs
Service Bus Queues
Service Bus Topics

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