Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
in global marketing campaign

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Astute, Inc. makes profound changes in healthcare with the latest technology

Astute Inc.

Technology is revolutionizing the way care is administered and enabling Astute, Inc. to help their customers improve patient outcomes, reduce the cost of care, and identify new revenue opportunities. By offering patient-facing devices powered by Windows and standardizing operations across a wide range of Microsoft products and services, Astute is empowering caregivers with the capabilities needed to provide proactive and personal healthcare around the clock to the patients they serve.
Swedish firm uses IoT technologies to save energy, water, and millions of dollars for property owners


More people than ever are looking for greener solutions to cut costs and conserve resources. For single-family homeowners, cutting energy use is an easy goal to achieve and measure. For example, a single change such as taking shorter showers will be reflected on next month’s energy bill. But it’s a bit more complicated for owners of apartment buildings. Property owners typically lack effective ways to monitor and influence the energy consumption of individual tenants, and pressure is …
Expanding smart factories from production to management


LG CNS developed the cloud based smart factory solution ezUMS. By collecting real-time data pouring from factories or products and implementing machine learning, the solution allows management of production to forecast of breakdown. Above the all, technologies that were provided in a cloud and SI form transformed into service products.
Global leader in financial technology stays ahead of the curve with Microsoft Azure


D+H is a global leader in financial technology whose solutions are trusted by more than 8,000 financial institutions worldwide, including 29 of the top 50 global banks. Partnering with Microsoft Azure was a strategic decision to stay ahead of the curve in today's ever-changing economy and business landscape. Leveraging the open, flexible cloud computing platform enabled D+H to optimize existing business processes and functions, and continue to identify new market opportunities to innovate and grow.
NewOrbit takes flight with Azure DocumentDB


  Figure 1. Overview of the architecture for the NewOrbit car-mileage application
Sulekha uses Azure DocumentDB to connect customers and businesses across India  


  Figure 1. Overview of Sulekha’s infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
FinTech company nextmarkets moves in real time with Azure DocumentDB  


Watching someone else do something can be one of the best ways to learn. Learning by watching and then doing is exactly what nextmarkets’ founding brothers, Dominic and Manuel Heyden, had in mind when they conceptualized an innovative online education and trading platform. The brothers’ vision was to have professional trading coaches mentor customers online by example, so customers could watch and learn to successfully master trading and financial markets themselves.
Affinio switches from AWS to Azure DocumentDB to harness social data at scale


Imagine that you have 50 million tweets per day to analyze and more than 2.7 TB of active data to manage. That was the situation that Affinio developers faced in late 2015.
Turning digital imagery into maps faster with Azure

CycloMedia Technology B.V.

Humans have always relied on maps to navigate the world. From the earliest star maps and simple visual drawings of local landscape features found in prehistoric caves to the visually ornate and detailed cartographic representations of the Age of Exploration, we have sought to understand our world and our place in it. Over the centuries, mapmaking has gotten better and more accurate—and how we interact with those maps has changed.

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