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The Developer’s Guide to AzureSECOND EDITION

How to develop on Azure from day one using common app design scenarios

Develop on a cloud platform designed for you

With our developer guide, you’ll see how our comprehensive set of app platform services fits your needs, helping you navigate the architectural approaches and most common design patterns you face when building modern applications.

In this developer’s guide, you’ll discover how to:

Get started by using what you know

Whatever tools and skills you use to create or edit your applications in your on-premises environment, you can use with Azure—from existing IDEs and editors to open-source programming languages and frameworks.

Create more intelligent apps

Easily embed natural and contextual interaction within your applications through machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities—from enhanced search functionality to facial recognition to bot services.

Manage app security, identity, and access

Security and privacy are built into the Azure platform. Use a range of capabilities to help protect your services and data in the cloud, from authenticating users to encrypting data.

Choose how and where to deploy

Plan better, code together, and ship faster with Azure. Use the same containers, serverless computing, and Azure services to easily build, test, and deploy applications in the cloud or on-premises—you’re in control.

Begin developing apps using Azure today