The Developer’s Guide to Azure

How to develop on Azure from day one using common app design scenarios

Develop on a cloud platform designed for you

In this update of the Developer’s Guide to Azure, see how the comprehensive set of Azure app platform services fits your needs. Use it to navigate the architectural approaches and most common scenarios you face when building cloud applications. Sign up to be notified of updates to the guide to ensure you make the most of the platform’s constantly evolving services and features.

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In this developer’s guide, you’ll discover how to:

Start with the tools and skillset you know

Take the tools and skills you already use to create or edit your applications in your on-premises environment and apply them to Azure—from existing IDEs and editors to open source programming languages and frameworks. Learn from practical, real-world examples, including a table and reference architecture that show you what to use and when—for databases, containers, serverless scenarios, and more.

Secure your app and manage access with built-in services

Protect data, apps, and infrastructure with security services that are built into Azure, including unparalleled security intelligence to help identify and respond to rapidly evolving threats early. Implement a layered, defense-in-depth strategy across identity, data, hosts, and networks. Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud environments.

Demystify serverless and container technologies

Accelerate your development with an event-driven, serverless compute experience. Easily scale on demand and only pay for what you use, with Azure Functions. Learn how to deploy and run containers that scale with your business needs.

Get the latest innovations in IoT and AI

Accelerate your Internet of Things (IoT) journey with fully managed and industry-specific IoT solutions—or build a customized IoT application that enables fine-grain control. Azure IoT offers powerful and secure solutions to meet your needs today and in the future. Learn how to achieve more with the comprehensive set of flexible and trusted artificial intelligence (AI) services. From pre-built APIs, such as Cognitive Services and conversational AI with bot tools, to custom models you can build with Machine Learning for any scenario, AI is no longer a technology of the future and is ready for you to use today.

Explore demos and real-world examples

With more than 20 pages of demos, explore topics such as creating and deploying .NET Core web apps to Azure from scratch, migrating SQL Server to Azure, and extending your application to perform data analysis with Cognitive Services. Once your app is ready, make it more robust and easier to update by incorporating continuous integration/continuous delivery. See how easy it is to use API Management to control APIs and generate documentation automatically.