The Developer’s Guide to Azure

Develop on Azure from day one—using common app design scenarios

Develop on a cloud platform that’s designed for you

In the summer 2019 update of the Developer’s Guide to Azure, get guidance to navigate the architectural approaches and most common scenarios in building cloud applications. See how the comprehensive set of Azure app platform services fits your unique needs and use cases.

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In this developer’s guide, you’ll learn how to:

Start with the tools and skillset you know

Use your existing knowledge and code, along with your favorite languages, tools, data platform, and frameworks to create or edit your apps in your on-premises environment and then apply them to Azure.

See practical, real-world examples—including reference architecture and a table that shows you which services to use and when—for web, data, containers, and serverless scenarios.

Optimize your productivity and free more time to invent

Streamline coding and make quick work of repetitive tasks and administrative functions—and even eliminate the need to rewrite new code for common functionalities such as APIs, authentication, or integration with third-party services.

Learn how to improve collaboration across teams and promote more efficient use of tools using Azure DevOps, an end-to-end set of solutions to help automate builds and deployments and automatically test your code and apps before launch.

Secure your apps and manage access with built-in services

Get powerful protection for your data, apps, and infrastructure with built-in security services including security intelligence that helps you identify and respond more quickly to rapidly evolving threats.

Implement a layered, in-depth defense strategy across identity, data, hosts, and networks. Learn how to unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud environments.

Bring the latest AI innovations to all your applications

Create breakthrough, interactive experiences that learn and adapt to your users by incorporating machine learning and AI into your apps. Quickly add vision, speech, and language capabilities with Cognitive Services—using powerful, prebuilt AI models exposed as API services with simple REST APIs.

Build bots that interact naturally with users—with pre-built templates that simplify the bot creation process. Learn how to easily create a bot from your knowledge base—without the need for any code or settings changes.

See demos and real-world apps in action

Explore the guide with step-by-step demos to:

  • Create and customize dashboards in the Azure portal, and then share them with team members.
  • Create and deploy a simple .NET Core web app and database using the Azure portal.
  • Extend your app to perform data analytics using Logic Apps and Cognitive Services.
  • Set up continuous delivery with GitHub to automatically deploy changes in a continuous delivery pipeline—making your apps more robust and easier to update.

Develop on Azure from day one—using common app design scenarios

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