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This blog was co-authored by Lei Zhang, Principal Research Manager, Computer Vision

You can now extract more insights and unlock new workflows from your images with the latest enhancements to Cognitive Services’ Computer Vision service.

1. Enrich insights with expanded tagging vocabulary

Computer Vision has more than doubled the types of objects, situations, and actions it can recognize per image.


Black and white picture of New York City before Computer Vision


Black and white picture of New York City now, after Computer vision

2. Automate cropping with new object detection feature

Easily automate cropping and conduct basic counting of what you need from an image with the new object detection feature. Detect thousands of real life or man-made objects in images. Each object is now highlighted by a bounding box denoting its location in the image.

Picture of subway train and detecting real life or man-made objects

3. Monitor brand presence with new brand detection feature

You can now track logo placement of thousands of global brands from the consumer electronics, retail, manufacturing, entertainment industries.

Picture of Microsoft logo and the brand detection feature

With these enhancements, you can:

  • Do at-scale image and video-frame indexing, making your media content searchable. If you’re in media, entertainment, advertising, or stock photography, rich image and video metadata can unlock productivity for your business.
  • Derive insights from social media and advertising campaigns by understanding the content of images and videos and detecting logos of interest at scale. Businesses like digital agencies have found this capability useful for tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. For example, if your business launches an influencer campaign, you can apply Custom Vision to automatically generate brand inclusion metrics pulling from influencer-generated images and videos.

In some cases, you may need to further customize the image recognition capabilities beyond what the enhanced Computer Vision service now provides by adding specific tagging vocabulary or object types that are relevant to your use case. Custom Vision service allows you to easily customize and deploy your model without requiring machine-learning expertise.

See it in action through the Computer Vision demo. If you’re ready to start building to unlock these insights, visit our documentation pages for image tagging, object detection, and brand detection.

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