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Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy is the first fully managed OSDU™ Data Platform built for the energy industry. This solution is the first step in unraveling the challenge of data-moving from disparate systems and disconnected applications to a holistic approach. The product’s ideation directly reflects the partnership between Microsoft and SLB, capitalizing on each organization’s unique expertise.

As the energy industry works to achieve a sustainable low carbon future, organizations are taking advantage of the cloud to optimize existing assets and de-risk new ventures. Universally, data is at the core of their digital transformation strategies-yet only a small fraction of energy company data is properly tagged and labeled to be searchable. This leads engineers and geoscientists to spend significant time outside of their expertise trying to discover and analyze data. Azure Data Manager for Energy customers can seamlessly connect to an open ecosystem of interoperable applications from other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and the Microsoft ecosystem of productivity tools. Ultimately, the open Microsoft platform enables developers, data managers, and geoscientists alike to innovate the next generation of digital solutions for the energy industry.

Enhanced data openness and liberation in Petrel

We all benefit from making the world more open. As an industry, our shared goal is that openness in data will enable a fully liberated and connected data landscape. This is the natural next step towards data-driven workflows that integrate technologies seamlessly and leverage AI for diverse and creative solutions that take business performance to the next level.”-Trygve Randen, Director, Data & Subsurface at Digital & Integration, SLB.

The co-build partnership between Microsoft and SLB improves customers’ journey and performance, by unlocking data through interoperable applications. Delfi™ digital platform from SLB on Azure features a broad portfolio of applications, including the Petrel E&P Software Platform. The Petrel E&P Software Platform enhanced with AI enables workflows in Petrel to run with significantly faster compute times and include access to new tools, increasing the flexibility and productivity of geoscientists and engineers.

Microsoft and SLB rearchitected Petrel Data Services to allow Petrel Projects and data to be permanently stored in the customer’s instance. Petrel Data Services leverages core services found in OSDU™, such as partition and entitlement services. This change further aligns Petrel Data Services with the OSDU™ Technical Standard schemas and directly integrates with storage as the system of record. Now when geoscientists or engineers create new Petrel projects or domain data, each is liberated from Petrel into its respective Domain Data Management Service (DDMS) provided by OSDU™, like seismic or wellbore, in Azure Data Manager for Energy. These Petrel liberated projects or data become immediately discoverable in Petrel on Delfi™ Digital Platform or any third-party application developed in alignment with the emerging requirements of the OSDU™ Technical Standard such as INT’s IVAAP.

By splitting Petrel and Project Explorer software as a service (SaaS) applications from the data infrastructure, data resides in Azure Data Manager for Energy without any dependencies on an external app to access that data. Users can access and manage Petrel liberated Project Explorer and data in Azure Data Manager for Energy independent of any prerequisite application or license. Microsoft provides a secure, scalable infrastructure that governs data safely in the customer tenant while SLB focuses on delivering continuous updates to Petrel and Project Explorer on Delfi™ Digital Platform which expedites feature delivery.

Petrel and Project Explorer on Azure Data Manager for Energy

1. Search for and Discover Petrel Projects: Petrel Project Explorer shows all Petrel Project versions liberated from all users and allows the viewing of data associated with each project based on corresponding data entitlements. This includes images of the windows that are created in the project, metadata (coordinate reference systems, time zone, and more), and all data stored in the project. Using Project Explorer allows to preserve every single change throughout the lifetime of a Petrel project and preserve every critical milestone required by regulations or for historical purposes. Data and decisions can be easily shared and connected to other cloud native solutions on Delfi™ Digital Platform, and automatic, full data lineage and project versioning is always available.

2. Connect Petrel to domain data: Petrel users can consume seismic and wellbore OSDU™ domain data directly from Azure Data Manager for Energy. Furthermore, Petrel Data Services enables the development of diverse and creative solutions for the exploration and production value chain which includes liberated data consumption in other applications like Microsoft Power BI for data analytics.

3. Data liberation: Petrel Data Services empowers Petrel users to liberate Petrel Project data into Azure Data Manager for Energy where data and project content can be accessed without opening Petrel, providing simpler data overview and in-context access. Data liberation allows for direct consumption into other data analytics applications, generating new data insights into Petrel projects, breaking down data silos, and improving user and corporate data-driven workflows. It relieves users from Petrel project management and improves the focus on domain workflows for value creation.

Figure 1: Project Explorer on Azure Data Manager for Energy: View all Petrel projects within an organization in one place through an intuitive and performant User Interface (UI).

Interoperable workflows that de-risk and drive efficiency

Both traditional and new energy technical workflows are optimized when data and application interoperability are delivered. Geoscientists and engineers, therefore, want to incorporate as much diverse domain data as possible. Customers want to run more scenarios in different applications, compare results with their colleagues, and ultimately liberate the best data and the knowledge associated with it to a data platform for others to discover and consume. With Petrel and Petrel Data Services powered by Azure Data Manager for Energy, customers achieve this interoperability.

Companies can liberate wellbore and seismic data for discovery in any application developed in alignment with the emerging requirements of the OSDU™ Technical Standard. As Petrel and Petrel Data Services use the standard schemas, all data is automatically preserved and indexed for search, discovery, and consumption. This extensibility model enables geoscientists and engineers as well as data managers to seamlessly access data in their own internal applications. SLB apps on Delfi™ Digital Platform such as Techlog, as well as Microsoft productivity tools including Power BI and an extensive ecosystem of partner apps are all available in this model. Additionally, developers can refocus their efforts on innovating and building new apps-taking advantage of Microsoft Power Platform to build low-code or no-code solutions. This creates the full data-driven loop and ultimately enables integrated workflows for any interoperable apps.

Figure 2: Azure Data Manager for Energy Data Flow connects seamlessly to a broad ecosystem of interoperable applications across Delfi™, Azure Synapse, Microsoft Power Platform, and the ISV ecosystem.

Get started today

Azure Data Manager for Energy helps energy companies gain actionable insights, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate time to market on the enterprise-grade, cloud-based OSDU™ Data Platform. Visit the website to get started.

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