Azure Blueprint supports the UK Government’s Cloud Security Principles

Posted on March 2, 2017

Chief Information Security Officer, Azure Government

Azure Government Engineering is pleased to announce the release of Azure Blueprint for the UK Government’s Cloud Security Principles. Blueprint empowers Azure customers to build the most secure cloud solutions on the most secure cloud platform.
Azure Blueprint for the UK Government enables UK public sector organizations to understand how solutions built on Azure implement the 14 individual Cloud Security Principles published by the National Cyber Security Centre, supporting workloads with information designated as UK OFFICIAL. The Azure Blueprint UK Government Customer Responsibilities Matrix outlines how Azure implements security controls designed to satisfy each security principle and assists customers in understanding how they may implement safeguards within their Azure solution to fulfill the requirements of each principle where they hold a responsibility.


In conjunction with this documentation release, a Blueprint compliance architecture ARM (Azure Resource Manager) template has been released on GitHub. This ARM template deploys a three-tiered network architecture which provides a baseline from which customers can build a secure environment that supports the UK Cloud Security Principles.

The Azure Blueprint UK Government Cloud documents are available for download in the Service Trust Portal. Furthermore, additional information on the Azure Blueprint program is available on the Azure Government Documentation site.