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We’re excited to share the release of Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.7.0, which along with our new Azure Blockchain Service, can further enhance your blockchain development and projects. You can deploy a new instance of Blockchain Workbench through the Azure portal or upgrade your existing deployments to 1.7.0 using the upgrade script

This update includes the following improvements:

Integration with Azure Blockchain Service

With the Azure Blockchain Service now in preview, you can develop directly with Blockchain Workbench on Azure Blockchain Service as the underlying blockchain. For those of you who have been on this blockchain journey with Microsoft, there are now templates in Azure which make it faster to configure and deploy a private blockchain network, but it’s still up to you to maintain and run your blockchain nodes, including upgrading to new versions, installing security patches, and more. Azure Blockchain Service simplifies the maintenance of the underlying blockchain network by running a fully managed blockchain node for you.


Azure Blockchain Service overview page


Blockchain Workbench helps with building the scaffolding needed on top of a blockchain network to quickly iterate and develop blockchain solutions. Workbench 1.7.0 enables you to easily deploy the Azure Blockchain Service directly with Workbench. To deploy Workbench from the Azure Marketplace, navigate to the Advanced settings blade and select Create new blockchain network under Blockchain settings.


Azure Blockchain Service settings from Azure Blockchain Workbench deployment experience

Selecting this option will automatically deploy an Azure Blockchain Service node for you. Note that if you rotate the primary API key on the primary transaction node on your Azure Blockchain Service, you need to change the key of the configured RPC endpoint on Blockchain Workbench. Update the Key Vault with the new key and reboot the VMs.

Enhanced compatibility with Quorum

One of the highly requested features from customers is adding compatibility for additional blockchain network protocols. In previous releases of Blockchain Workbench, the default blockchain network that is configured is an Ethereum Proof-of-Authority (PoA) blockchain network. With Blockchain Workbench 1.7.0, we have added compatibility with the Quorum blockchain network.

For customers who are looking to build blockchain applications on top of Quorum, you can now develop and build your Quorum based applications directly with Blockchain Workbench.

You can stay up to date on Azure Blockchain Service by following the team on Twitter @MSFTBlockchain. Please use the Blockchain UserVoice to provide feedback and suggest features and ideas. Your input is helping make this a great service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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