Content Moderator

Automatically moderate text, images and videos, augmented with human review tools for more nuanced cases

Image moderation API

Automatically evaluate images for offensive and unwanted content across differing file types – including altered images. Content Moderator includes optical character recognition (OCR) and face detection to improve the chances of detecting unwanted or exploitive content and implements fuzzy matching against custom blacklists and whitelists.

Text moderation API

Detect profanity in more than 100 languages and match text against your custom lists automatically. Content Moderator also checks for malware and phishing URLS plus personally identifiable information (PII).

Video moderation API

Enable the proactive detection of adult content in videos with moderation handled in the cloud by Azure Media Services.

The Review Tool

Humans can effectively augment machine learning models in situations where the prediction confidence warrants assistance or when decisions must be tempered with a real world context. Enjoy visibility, flexibility and control with a human review tool that supervises the results of your algorithms.

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Content Moderator

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