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General Availability: Routing Intent and Virtual WAN Integrated Firewall NVAs

Published date: May 17, 2023

Routing intent allows you to set up simple and declarative routing policies to configure Virtual WAN to route traffic to bump-in-the-wire security solutions such as Azure Firewall, Integrated Firewall NVA and SaaS deployed in the Virtual WAN hub. This feature delivers two critical use cases: inter-region/inter-hub traffic inspection and branch-to-branch (on-premises to on-premises traffic inspection).  


Routing Intent capabilities also extend to Next Generation Firewall NVA’s integrated within the Virtual WAN hub. Check Point CloudGuard Network Security and Fortinet NGFW, the first two integrated Firewall NVA’s in Virtual WAN, are now generally available.


Visit Routing Intent and Azure Firewall Manager to learn more 

Firewall NVA deployment guides: Fortinet NGFW and Check Point CloudGuard  

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