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General availability: “As on-premises” sizing in Azure Migrate SQL Discovery and Assessment

Published date: December 20, 2023

Do you need a quick assessment for the SQL instances discovered by Azure Migrate appliance and cannot wait for a detailed performance profile? The newly introduced “As on-premises” sizing criteria in SQL assessment enables just that.  
Now use the “As on-premises” sizing criteria to generate a quick and reliable assessment that leverages the provisioning decisions for the source instance. The source instance configuration is used to generate size recommendations for the target Azure SQL service. 
When performance data is available, you can create a performance-based assessment to generate recommendations based on actual usage of resources by the source instance. This will generate right-sized target SKU recommendations tailor-made for the source workload, increasing the return on investment. If performance data is not available for specific instances, ”As on-premises” sizing will be used for those instances to ensure reliable target sizing. 

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