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Azure Machine Learning public preview announcements - August 2021

Published date: August 12, 2021

Cross Location Compute (CLC), allows the users to create clusters in locations that are different from the location of the workspace, with CLC users can maximize idle capacity allocation and space efficiency, utilize VM SKUs that are only available in a specific region​, and ensure to create two workspaces in two different locations just to make sure that they use their quota.   

Hierarchical Time Series eliminates the need for you to manually create individual models to produce forecasts for your hierarchy data, aims to generate hierarchy-aware and consistent forecasts at all levels of your hierarchy. 

Compute instance an auto-shutdown/auto-start provides users a streamlined way to control and optimize operating costs in an automated fashion, enhancing general governance of the AML workspace.

Learn to create compute clusters.

See the HTS Solution Accelerator.

Learn about Compute instance auto-shudown/auto-start.

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