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Working directly with multinational clients for over 10 years, TatvaSoft FZC is now a leading service provider for Cloud Computing. Our team works with you to provide the best solution, specifically tailored to your needs. Our experience and capabilities ensure that your business realises the greatest value from Cloud technology.

We approach our clients’ unique needs through the following differentiated services:

Private/Public Cloud Infrastructure
We help build and enable private, public and hybrid clouds. We work with you to determine the best fit for your organisational needs, implement the right technologies, facilities and management of your hybrid environment.

Software as a Services (SaaS) Implementations
We help organisations to address how they plan, implement and manage their third-party SaaS solution to maximise speed, business value and functionality.

Application Development and Management
TatvaSoft FZC helps large organizations and industry segments design, build, market and deliver services that allow key stakeholders to easily access applications from virtually anywhere, promoting increased productivity and supporting core business functions.

Application Replatform and Simplification
What happens to your business critical legacy systems that are not based on a cloud computing model? Our development teams are able to provide a path to migrate current business capabilities to the Cloud environment and thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

Amazon EC2 Services:
TatvaSoft FZC has experience working with Amazon cloud services, with the use of Amazon EC2, CloudFront, RDS and S3 services; we provide new application development, application migration/scaling, application support and application monitoring services

With our strong expertise in cloud computing we help you understand what cloud computing is and why you should consider the move. We help you assess your application’s feasibility to run in cloud and help you convert your capital expenditure to operational expenditure. We help you develop, deploy and monitor your applications in cloud computing offered by the cloud hosting giants such as Amazon EC2. Windows Azure and others. We reduce the headache in supporting and managing all maintenance activates. M

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