Microsoft Azure for Students Starter Offer

This offer provides special Azure access rights to students that are validated through the Microsoft Azure for Students Starter program. Enroll here

Microsoft Azure for Students Starter gets you started with the Microsoft Azure services you need to develop in the cloud at no cost* using Visual Studio Community 2015. This benefit provides you access to a free tier including the following services:

  • Azure App Services – A fully-managed cloud offering that enables you to build and deploy native and web apps in minutes. Use the technology you love – ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js or Python. Add a variety of essential app services including authentication, social integration, offline data sync, and more, regardless of whether your app runs on Windows 10, iOS, or Android. Set-up continuous integration and deployment workflows with VSO, GitHub, TeamCity, Hudson or BitBucket – enabling you to automatically build, test and deploy your web app on each successful code check-in or integration tests.
  • Notification Hubs – Keep your app in-touch with users by enabling you to send mobile push notifications tailored by audience, language, and location using any back end, and major mobile platforms.
  • SQL Database – Build secure, global SaaS applications that support massive scale.
  • MySQL database from MySQL in-app(Preview) which gives you the experience of native MySQL support for your Web Apps. You can deploy CMS solutions such as WordPress , Joomla etc. or custom application driven by MySQL database. Read this article to learn more about MySQL in-app(Preview) feature.
  • Application Insights provides you with the deep diagnostics and performance telemetry to ensure your web apps and services are running at their maximum potential. Search and analyze your data to continuously improve your application, prioritize future investments and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Visual Studio Team Services provides a set of cloud-powered collaboration tools that work with your existing IDE or editor, so your team can work effectively on software projects of all shapes and sizes.

Microsoft Azure for Students Starter is available now for validated Microsoft Azure for Students Starter students at no cost, commitment, or time limit. You can access more services later if you want, but you can host your web apps and websites today with the power of the Microsoft cloud behind you and it won’t cost you anything.

*Costs are limited by providing access to Azure services that include a free tier of service use. For more details on Azure pricing, please visit our Pricing page.

You will initially only be able to access Azure services that are available with a free tier of service use. Your account will start with a zero dollar Spending Limit, which means that you will only be able to consume Azure services within the free tier of the service offer. You can choose to upgrade to Azure Free Trial, if you have not already created an Azure Free Trial and consume Azure services beyond the free tier. If you have already created an Azure Free Trial then you have the option to upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription. Microsoft Azure for Students Starter subscriptions are not eligible for quota increases. If you have a Microsoft Azure for Students Starter subscription and want it increase your quotas, you can upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription.


Es werden nur Kredit-oder Debitkarten akzeptiert, sofern nicht vorab eine Zahlung per Rechnung vereinbart wurde. Beachten Sie, dass Prepaid- und virtuelle Kreditkarten nicht akzeptiert werden.

Weitere Informationen zu Preisen und Abrechnung finden Sie in der Preisübersicht.


Sie können das Abonnement jederzeit kündigen. Noch ausstehende Gebühren müssen entrichtet werden.


As long as you are a validated user of the Microsoft Azure for Students Starter program, you will have access rights to this offering.


Microsoft Azure for Students Starter benefit is intended for development and test purposes. Production workloads must be run on regular subscriptions.

Vereinbarungen zum Servicelevel (SLAs)

Wir bieten eine Reihe stabiler SLAs (Service Level Agreements) für jeden Azure-Plattformdienst an. Weitere Details zu den einzelnen SLAs finden Sie auf der SLA-Seite. In der Vorschau werden keine Vereinbarungen zum Servicelevel bereitgestellt.


Dieses Angebot ist für Kunden mit Wohnsitz in einem der folgenden Länder bzw. in einer der folgenden Regionen verfügbar. Die Abrechnung erfolgt in der angegebenen Währung:

Afghanistan US-Dollar ($)
Albanien US-Dollar ($)
Algerien US-Dollar ($)
Angola US-Dollar ($)
Argentinien Argentinische Pesos ($)
Armenien US-Dollar ($)
Australien Australischer Dollar ($)
Österreich Euro (€)
Aserbaidschan US-Dollar ($)
Bahamas US-Dollar ($)
Bahrain US-Dollar ($)
Bangladesch US-Dollar ($)
Barbados US-Dollar ($)
Belarus US-Dollar ($)
Belgien Euro (€)
Belize US-Dollar ($)
Bermuda US-Dollar ($)
Bolivien US-Dollar ($)
Bosnien und Herzegowina US-Dollar ($)
Botsuana US-Dollar ($)
Brasilien Brasilianischer Real (R$)
Brunei Darussalam US-Dollar ($)
Bulgarien Euro (€)
Republik Kap Verde US-Dollar ($)
Kamerun US-Dollar ($)
Kanada Kanadischer Dollar ($)
Kaimaninseln US-Dollar ($)
Chile US-Dollar ($)
Kolumbien US-Dollar ($)
Republik Kongo US-Dollar ($)
Costa Rica US-Dollar ($)
Côte d'Ivoire US-Dollar ($)
Kroatien Euro (€)
Curaçao US-Dollar ($)
Zypern Euro (€)
Tschechische Republik Euro (€)
Dänemark Dänische Krone (kr)
Dominikanische Republik US-Dollar ($)
Ecuador US-Dollar ($)
Ägypten US-Dollar ($)
El Salvador US-Dollar ($)
Estland Euro (€)
Äthiopien US-Dollar ($)
Faröer Inseln Euro (€)
Fidschi US-Dollar ($)
Finnland Euro (€)
Frankreich Euro (€)
Georgien US-Dollar ($)
Deutschland Euro (€)
Ghana US-Dollar ($)
Griechenland Euro (€)
Guatemala US-Dollar ($)
Honduras US-Dollar ($)
Hongkong Hongkong-Dollar (HK$)
Ungarn Euro (€)
Island Euro (€)
Indien Indische Rupie (₹)
Indonesien Indonesische Rupiah (Rp)
Irak US-Dollar ($)
Irland Euro (€)
Israel US-Dollar ($)
Italien Euro (€)
Jamaika US-Dollar ($)
Japan Japanischer Yen (¥)
Jordanien US-Dollar ($)
Kasachstan US-Dollar ($)
Kenia US-Dollar ($)
Südkorea Südkoreanische Won (₩)
Kuwait US-Dollar ($)
Kirgisistan US-Dollar ($)
Lettland Euro (€)
Libanon US-Dollar ($)
Libyen US-Dollar ($)
Liechtenstein Schweizer Franken (CHF)
Litauen Euro (€)
Luxemburg Euro (€)
Macau US-Dollar ($)
Mazedonien (ehemalige jugoslawische Republik) US-Dollar ($)
Malaysia Malaysischer Ringgit (RM$)
Malta Euro (€)
Mauritius US-Dollar ($)
Mexiko Mexikanischer Peso (MXN$)
Republik Moldau US-Dollar ($)
Monaco Euro (€)
Mongolei US-Dollar ($)
Montenegro US-Dollar ($)
Marokko US-Dollar ($)
Namibia US-Dollar ($)
Nepal US-Dollar ($)
Niederlande Euro (€)
Neuseeland Neuseeländischer Dollar ($)
Nicaragua US-Dollar ($)
Nigeria US-Dollar ($)
Norwegen Norwegische Krone (kr)
Oman US-Dollar ($)
Pakistan US-Dollar ($)
Palästinensische Autonomiebehörde US-Dollar ($)
Panama US-Dollar ($)
Paraguay US-Dollar ($)
Peru US-Dollar ($)
Philippinen US-Dollar ($)
Polen Euro (€)
Portugal Euro (€)
Puerto Rico US-Dollar ($)
Katar US-Dollar ($)
Rumänien Euro (€)
Russische Föderation Russische Rubel (руб)
Ruanda US-Dollar ($)
Saint Kitts und Nevis US-Dollar ($)
Saudi-Arabien Saudi-Riyal (SR)
Senegal US-Dollar ($)
Serbien US-Dollar ($)
Singapur US-Dollar ($)
Slowakei Euro (€)
Slowenien Euro (€)
Südafrika Südafrikanischer Rand (R)
Spanien Euro (€)
Sri Lanka US-Dollar ($)
Schweden Schwedische Krone (kr)
Schweiz Schweizer Franken (CHF)
Taiwan Taiwanesische Dollar (NT$)
Tadschikistan US-Dollar ($)
Tansania US-Dollar ($)
Thailand US-Dollar ($)
Trinidad und Tobago US-Dollar ($)
Tunesien US-Dollar ($)
Türkei Türkische Lira (TL)
Turkmenistan US-Dollar ($)
Uganda US-Dollar ($)
Ukraine US-Dollar ($)
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate US-Dollar ($)
Vereinigtes Königreich Britisches Pfund (£)
USA US-Dollar ($)
Uruguay US-Dollar ($)
Usbekistan US-Dollar ($)
Venezuela US-Dollar ($)
Vietnam US-Dollar ($)
Amerikanischen Jungferninseln US-Dollar ($)
Jemen US-Dollar ($)
Sambia US-Dollar ($)
Simbabwe US-Dollar ($)