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Since we announced our Community Technology Preview (CTP) in November our team has gathered input from customers all over the world in every major industry.  The feedback is very helpful in this early stage of the CTP as we prioritize new features. 

Today leaders from our engineering team reviewed several new capabilities with attendees at MIX that continue to deliver on our commitment to providing a comprehensive and flexible cloud platform.  Developers can begin taking advantage of:

FastCGI allows developers to deploy and run web applications written with 3rd party programming languages such as PHP.  This provides developers using non-Microsoft languages the ability to take advantage of scalability on Windows Azure. 

NET Full Trust  provides developers with a level of flexibility in Windows Azure that removes limitations on .NET Libraries which require full trust (including .NET Services) .NET Full Trust, via spawning process and p/invoke, also allows developers to leverage existing investments in native code or legacy components that they will now be able to invoke on Windows Azure.

Geo-location provides developers with the ability to specify a location for their applications and data to build responsive services with lower network latency as well as the capability to meet location-based regulatory and legal requirements.

You can read more details on these features written by the program managers who led these efforts. 

Read more about FastCGI and .NET Full Trust from Mohit Srivastava

Read more about Geo-location from Sriram Krishnan

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