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NOW AVAILABLE: Windows Azure Toolkit for Android

Veröffentlicht am 31 August, 2011

Today Wade Wegner has released the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android, along with significant updates to the toolkits for Windows Phone and iOS. You can get the toolkits here:

The purpose of these toolkits are to make it easier for mobile device developers – across device platforms – to build applications that use Windows Azure to host services. Some of the more notable updates are:

  • Initial release of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android, including native libraries (for storage and authentication), a sample application, and unit tests.
  • Support for SQL Azure in the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone.
  • Full support for Windows Azure Toolkits for Visual Studio 1.4 and Windows Developer Phone Tools 7.1 RC.
  • Shipped the full source code to BabelCam, which is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace (for Zune).

This recording by Wade Wegner covers everything new:

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