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New Videos: Travelocity and Neudesic Talk About the Advantages of Moving to the Cloud with Windows Azure

Veröffentlicht am 16 November, 2011

Watch these new video interviews with Travelocity Software Architect Principal Ramon Resma and David Pallman, GM of Custom App Development at Neudesic to learn more about their experiences in the cloud with Windows Azure. 

Bytes by MSDN: Ramon Resma

Join Brian Prince, Principle Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and Ramon Resma, Software Architect Principal at Travelocity, as they discuss Windows Azure. During this interview Ramon talks about how using Windows Azure for a specific customer-facing web application allowed Travelocity to track metrics about how users were engaging with the new feature and then scale accordingly to accommodate traffic.

Bytes by TechNet: Interview with David Pallman 

Join Chris Henley, Sr. IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft, and David Pallman, GM of Custom App Development at Neudesic, as they discuss Windows Azure. David is a Windows Azure MVP, and an author. He leads the Windows Azure Practice at Neudesic, helping customers benefit from the cloud. During this interview, David talks about some of the advantages of Windows Azure as well as his “Windows Azure Handbook” series, which cover the full lifecycle of Windows Azure for all audiences.