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Last week my colleague, Wale Martins, posted a great summary of all the Microsoft Ignite sessions focused on Microsoft Azure Stack. For all of you attending Ignite, this is a good guide to learn more about some of the sessions we plan to deliver and when they will occur.

Azure Stack session flow

If you are like me, you crave as many details as you can get about each session, especially the technical sessions. This blog post provides more details about what you can expect from some technical sessions on Thursday and Friday at Ignite.

BRK3115: Becoming a Microsoft Azure Stack infrastructure rockstar

Are you ready to learn how to become a cloud administrator, Microsoft Azure Stack, infrastructure managing rockstar? If so, come start your journey to rockstar status in this session.

My colleague, Thomas Roettinger, program manager on the Azure Stack team, and I will be hosting a session about how we view infrastructure management in Azure Stack and what capabilities are included in the Azure Stack Technical Preview 2. We will deep dive into several areas including:

  • Integrating Azure Stack with your datacenter: What points of integration are available, why you should integrate, and how
  • Hardware management: How will cloud administrators manage the hardware supporting Azure Stack?
  • Monitoring: How are concepts like health and alerting enabled?

This session is just the start of our journey together. Feel free to follow us @chasat and @troettinger for more updates on these topics and come visit us while we are in Atlanta!

BRK3327: Dive deep into Microsoft Azure Stack IaaS

Azure delivers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) at hyper-scale, with a massive global infrastructure behind it. So how will Azure Stack deliver an IaaS offering that looks, tastes and feels just like Azure?

Scott Napolitan and Mallikarjun Chadalapaka, program managers on the Microsoft Azure Stack team, show you how Azure Stack delivers an IaaS experience that is consistent with Azure yet uses infrastructure at a fraction of the scale so it fits into your datacenter.

In this session, they will talk about how we took robust, scalable technologies directly from Azure and combined them with new features in Windows Server 2016 built for cloud. You will walk out with a better understanding of how the infrastructure works, and what IaaS scenarios are enabled by it. The session will dive deep into:

  • Compute, storage and networking resource providers and how they interact with the underlying infrastructure
  • The infrastructure and technologies that enable Azure Stack to surface simple resource primitives that can be consumed by the same APIs used with Azure
  • What to expect in terms of IaaS scenarios and features enabled in TP2
  • How cloud administrators will surface resources to their tenants

They also plan on doing some demos to help drive the learnings home and show how seamless the experience can be.

BRK3112: Learn about the community of templates for Azure Stack

Azure Stack provides consistency with Azure which allows you to reuse artifacts across clouds. But, how do you create those artifacts? And why are they so important?

Marc van Eijk and Ricardo Mendes will help you understand ARM templates across Azure and Azure Stack. They will cover the basics on how to get started with Azure Resource Manager templates including:

  • What tools you can use
  • How to create and deploy ARM templates
  • How to troubleshoot deployments

In this session, they will look at the existing community templates, how you can reuse them for your own purposes and how you can contribute to community templates in addition to:

  • An introduction to GitHub
  • Repositories, forks, clones, branches, commits and pull requests
  • End-to-end example on how to make an update to the Azure-Quickstart Templates

They will complete the session with a more advanced, production-ready, deployment scenario. Join us and learn how to get started with ARM templates for Azure Stack and Azure.

BRK3141: Discuss Microsoft DevOps on Azure Stack

Do you want to learn how to give your organization’s developers the flexibility of the cloud with the security of your own datacenter? If so, attend this session and learn about how Azure Stack integrates into a modern DevOps workflow.

My colleagues Anjay Ajodha, Matthew McGlynn, and Shri Natarajan will showcase how Azure Stack allows you to adapt the skills you use to deploy and maintain complex applications in the cloud to your on-premises infrastructure. They'll go over some common examples of continuous integration and deployment, using both Microsoft-based and Linux-based stacks, and demonstrate the value of having your infrastructure defined and versioned through code. They’ll cover a breadth of concepts including:

  • What is DevOps and how does it bring value to your organization?
  • How can your developers define an application’s infrastructure through Resource Manager templates, and deploying to Azure Stack?
  • How can rapid changes be made to an application’s infrastructure?
  • How can you bring DevOps to your own organization?

They also have some exciting demos planned!

BRK3148: Learn about hybrid applications with Azure and Azure Stack

Do you build and operate applications that use public cloud resources and resources in your datacenter? Are you doing cutting edge Hybrid App development? If yes, this session is for you!

Please join my colleague, Ricardo Mendes, program manager on the Azure Stack team, to learn how can you use Azure Stack to build solutions comprised of resources in the public cloud and on-premises in a consistent way leveraging your knowledge of Azure.

This session will cover a broad set of concepts, including:

  • The different types of hybrid cloud apps
  • Why hybrid solutions?
  • Challenges on building those type of apps
  • Tooling and resources to get you started faster
  • Tips and tricks

Next Stop Atlanta

All our presenters are excited to share their knowledge of Azure Stack and answer your questions both after their sessions as well as in our booth on the Expo Hall floor. We hope you are looking forward to learning and networking next week. See you in Atlanta!

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