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Importing Data to DocumentDB Just Keeps Getting Better

The latest release of the Azure DocumentDB Data Migration Tool opens up not only additional import sources, but also the ability to apply an indexing policy to DocumentDB collections during import.

The Azure DocumentDB Data Migration Tool is an open source solution that imports data to DocumentDB, Azure’s NoSQL document database service.  The latest release of the tool opens up not only additional import sources, but also the ability to apply an indexing policy to DocumentDB collections during import.  Specifically, we’ve added support for:


While you can find full details on how to use the tool – including command line samples for each data source option in my article here, keep reading for a brief overview of the new features.

Azure Blob storage support

The Migration Tool now supports importing file based sources – JSON files, CSV files, and MongoDB export files – directly from Azure Blob storage.


Conversely, the Migration Tool also supports exporting directly to Azure Blob storage.


Amazon DynamoDB Support

We’ve added support to import data from Amazon DynamoDB.  In order to make the import experience as easy as possible, we’ve also included some sample templates to help quickly setup an import operation.



Indexing Policy

The Migration Tool can create collections during import.  With the release of ORDER BY and string range functionality for DocumentDB, we’ve enhanced the tool so you can specify the indexing policy to apply to collections.  While we’ve included three commonly used indexing policy templates, you can also supply your own custom indexing policy.



The updated migration tool source code is available on GitHub and an updated compiled version is available from Microsoft Download Center. You may either compile the solution or simply download and extract the compiled version to a directory of your choice.  We’d also love to hear about additional sources you would like to see in the Data Migration Tool, so please submit your feedback.

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