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Azure Data Factory Updates: Diagram View Enhancements

We listened to your feedback and last week released a powerful set of enhancements to the ‘Diagram view’.

We listened to your feedback and last week released a powerful set of enhancements to the ‘Diagram view’. We are happy to announce the following new features and capabilities.

Automatic Save:

  • ADF now automatically saves your changes to the Diagram view. As you move objects on the Diagram view, they will remain in place – even when you close the Diagram view.
  • Multiple users can move items in the Diagram view at the same time. We keep track of all the changes and you’ll see changes from others.
  • You can see the name of person who made the last change on the top right (see the screenshot below) of the Diagram.



Show Lineage:

You can now select a Dataset or Pipeline and easily see what is upstream and downstream by using ‘Show Lineage’ mode. You can turn ‘Show lineage’ on and off with a new button on the Diagram view toolbar (see the screenshots below).

When ‘Show Lineage’ is on, upstream and downstream items will be highlighted. Everything else on the Diagram view will be dimmed.

This is very useful when you have a complex Data Factory and you want to understand the Lineage for a particular Dataset.



Figure 1: Selecting a Dataset to view Lineage


Figure 2: Selecting a Pipeline to view Lineage

Automatic Layout:

If you don’t want to organize the Diagram view yourself, you can automatically position all objects by clicking the ‘Automatic Layout’ button on the Diagram view toolbar (see the screenshot below).

If you don’t like the automatic results, you can adjust the layout and we will save it, or you can undo the Automatic layout using Ctrl-Z.

Touch Screen Support:

You can now use touch screens to interact with the Diagram view. You can use pinch zoom, move around, select items, and move them all with the touch of your fingers.

We’ve heard from you that making the Diagram View, the central view for data factories gives you a powerful way to monitor and visualize your data integration scenarios.

We are continuously working to add enhancements to this core feature and make it even easier for you to use the Diagram view.  Try out our new features, and please let us know what you think the next improvement should be at ‘Azure Data Factory Feedback Forum’.