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Tagging on Compute, Network and Storage Resources

Consistent use of tags on Compute, Network, and Storage resources created through the Azure Resource Manager allows organizations to track their usage in a new way. By analyzing your tagged Azure resources and usage data, powerful consumption insights can be gained – insights that can enable better cost management and allocation throughout your organization.


Integrate your on-premises infrastructure with Azure

If you’ve experimented with Microsoft Azure, or are already using it for some of your IT functionality, you may be ready to take that next step and integrate your infrastructure with Azure.


Expanding Linux and OSS Support on Azure

Starting on July 15th we are pleased to announce the availability of limited support for major Linux distributions, third party and Open source technologies on Azure.

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Azure Batch Generally Available

I’m excited to announce the general availability of Azure Batch, our job scheduling and compute pool management service. In a world of rapidly evolving products and fierce competition, our goal is to deliver a service that lets you focus more on your applications and less on plumbing.