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Microsoft Azure Offer Details

The tables below list all of our active offers. The first table lists our offers that are currently available for purchase. The second table lists those offers that are no longer available for purchase, although existing customers can continue to be on these rate plans.

Current Offers

Offer NameOffer Number
Pay-As-You-Go 0003P
Azure Dynamics 0033P
6-Month Plan 0037P
6-Month Plan (Prepaid) 0038P
12-Month Plan 0039P
12-Month Plan (Prepaid) 0040P
Support Plans 0041P, 0042P, 0043P
Free Trial 0044P
MSDN Dev and Test Pay-As-You-Go 0023P
MSDN Professional 0059P
MSDN Test Professional 0060P
MSDN Premium 0061P
MSDN Platforms 0062P
MSDN Ultimate 0063P
MPN Action Pack 0035P
BizSpark 0064P
BizSpark Plus 0034P
Backup Storage for Windows Server 0090P
Promotional Offer 0070P-0089P

Retired Offers

Offer NameOffer Number
Azure Introductory Special 0001P
Azure Microsoft Partner Network 0002P
Azure Pay-As-You-Go (Partners) 0004P
Azure MSDN Premium 0005P
Azure Development Accelerator Core 0006P
Azure DA Core (Partners) 0007P
Azure Development Accelerator Extended 0008P
Azure DA Extended (Partners) 0009P
Azure MSDN – Visual Studio 0010P
Azure MSDN – Visual Studio Premium 0011P
Azure MSDN – Visual Studio Ultimate 0012P
SQL Database Development Accelerator Core 0013P
SQL Database DA Core (Partners) 0014P
90-Day Free Trial 0018P
6-Month Plan (Azure) 0019P
6-Month Plan (SQL Database) 0020P
6-Month Plan (Storage) 0021P
BizSpark 1111 0030P
Azure Platform Discovery Pack (12 month) 10011
Azure Platform Discovery Pack (6 month) 0032P
MSDN Professional 0045P
MSDN Test Professional 0053P
MSDN Platforms 0055P
MSDN Premium 0047P
MSDN Ultimate 0049P
MPN 0051P
BizSpark 0057P