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Fastest way to build for the cloud

Azure offers secure and flexible development, deployment and scaling options for any sized web application. Leverage your existing tools to create and deploy applications without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

Provision and deploy fast

Provision a production web application yourself in minutes from the Azure Management Portal, from your favorite IDE or from scripts using PowerShell in Windows or CLI tools running on any OS. Easily deploy content created using your existing favorite development tool or deploy an existing site directly from source control with support for Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, CodePlex, TFS, and even DropBox. Once deployed keep your sites always up-to-date with support for continuous deployment.

Secure platform that scales automatically

Azure Web Sites provides custom domain with both A and CNAME records support as well as support for SSL with both SNI and IP-based SSL certificates for sessions over HTTPS. Scale-up or scale-out your site in just seconds with zero code changes or effort. Sites scaled out to multiple instances are automatically load balanced. Set your site to scale up and down automatically providing the ultimate in cost efficiency and performance for your mission critical applications.

Great experience for Visual Studio developers

Developers using Visual Studio can right-click on any ASP.NET site in Solution Explorer to deploy their web site. Users can also associate their Azure Subscription within Visual Studio and deploy to any website in the subscription as well as manage any site right within Visual Studio to change configuration settings, stop/start the site or stream site logs directly to the output window in Visual Studio.

Open and flexible for everyone

Developers can create applications new applications from scratch or deploy existing ones built in ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, Python or even Classic ASP. You can include a database when you provision a new site with a choice of SQL database or MySQL. Alternatively, developers can start by choosing from over 30 open source applications, frameworks and template from the Web Application Gallery including WordPress, Umbraco, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Django, CakePHP and Express.

Monitor and alert (preview)

Azure provides a number of capabilities that help you better understand the health of your applications. You can monitor the health and availability of your applications via health metrics dashboard. You can set up alert rules to be notified when your service availability is degraded. Further, with alerts and notifications, you can define an event of interest that occurs in your application, be notified in real-time when the event occurs. Health and availability monitoring, and alerting are available at no additional cost while in preview.

Auto scale to optimize cost and performance

Azure allows you to configure your application to automatically scale up or down to match the current demands while minimizing costs via auto scale rules. To automatically scale, choose your scale metric on the 'Scale' tab and set the minimum and maximum number of instances. Generally, you should set the minimum at a level that meets your expected daily traffic and allows for small spikes; you should set your maximum at a level that allows for large, unexpected bursts of activity. Auto scaling has now been released under General Availability, and is included as a component of Standard mode without any additional cost.

To try all these great features, you will need an Azure account. To begin your sign up, click here.

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