Azure Cache

High throughput, low latency data access for your application to build fast, scalable cloud applications

Azure Cache is a distributed, in-memory, scalable solution that enables you to build highly scalable and responsive applications by providing super-fast access to data.

Azure Cache is available as a managed service, Cache Service (Preview). Or create and manage yourself using the Azure SDK (In-Role Cache).

* Please note the Silverlight Portal used to manage Shared Caching will be decommissioned on March 31. 2014. Shared Caching service users who have not migrated to the new Azure Cache will receive communications on how to manage their shared caches if they choose to continue using this service after that date.

Cache ServicePreview

Azure Cache gives you access to a secure, dedicated cache that is managed by Microsoft. A cache created using the Cache Service is accessible from applications within Azure running on Azure Web Sites, Web & Worker Roles and Virtual Machines.

Azure Cache is available in three tiers:

  • Basic – Shared cache in sizes from 128MB to 1GB
  • Standard – Dedicated cache in sizes from 1GB to 10GB
  • Premium – Dedicated cache in sizes from 5GB to 150GB

High Performance

Azure Cache helps your application become more responsive even as user load increases. The separate distributed cache layer allows your data tier to scale independently for more efficient use of compute resources in your application layer. No transaction limits means you only need to focus on your application, not scaling.

Great Features

Azure Cache provides greater control and complete isolation of your cache with custom configurable options including creating up to 10 named caches for Standard and Premium caches with different expiration and eviction policies. Easily monitor the health and performance of your cache through the Azure portal. Optionally configure high availability on individual caches for added resiliency for your cached data.

Easy to Use

Azure SDK Cache API makes it easy to add cache to ASP.NET applications for Azure Cache. Deploying Azure SDK 1.8 or later allows you to easily migrate between In-Role Cache and the Cache Service. Easily migrate applications using on-premises AppFabric Cache or Azure Shared Caching to the new Cache Service. Or configure existing applications that use Memcached to Azure Cache with no code changes.

In-Role Cache

In-Role Cache allows you to perform caching by using a portion of the memory for the web or worker role instances that host an application or with a dedicated web or worker role instance in an application deployed to Azure Cloud Services. This provides flexibility in terms of deployment options and size but you manage the cache yourself. Read more on In-Role Cache.

Next Steps

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