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Building Linux-Based Solutions on Azure

An upcoming Microsoft Virtual Academy course focusing on the running of Linux workloads on Azure will highlight some of the recent work. In this post I will share a little about this course and highlight a change in my role here in Microsoft.


Order Query Results with Azure DocumentDB

Today, we’re pleased to announce a key improvement in SQL querying – DocumentDB now supports Order By, and string range queries! With this change, you will be able to sort query results using any string, numeric, or Boolean property in your JSON documents.

Big Data Augmenting Virality in Real Time with Batch Analytics using Data Factory

Microsoft launched the demo as part of the keynote presentation at Build2015. We started the demo as a test for 50 users but it went viral with more than 33 million users and 236 million images in less than a week of activity. Very soon, this turned out to be a big data question, and we decided to augment real time with historic data analytics.


The Evolving Role of the Managed Service Provider

Nearly every enterprise has at least one relationship with a managed service provider today and it’s very likely that relationship has evolved over the years. Get ready, it’s changing again and very much to the advantage of the enterprise.

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Cloud Success Comes in Completing the Cloud Handshake

A consistent key concern enterprises raise about using cloud computing platforms are wanting clear service level guarantees for your applications. So how can you get comfortable closing the gap and assuring the availability and performance of your cloud-based applications?