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    Change route-based VPN to a policy-based VPN

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)

    ASR Capacity Planner Tool

    Forum: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery



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    ASC has 3 states for a recommendation (Unhealthy, Healthy, Not Applicable) but policy does not recognize the Not Applicable state

    Make it so "Not Applicable" is a valid test result in Azure Policy. ASC has 3 states for a recommendation (Unhealthy, Healthy, Not Applicable) but policy does not recognize the Not Applicable state. This results in the reports wrongly showing hundreds of resources as non-compliant.

    Only charge windows licensing fees for the CPUs in use by constrained vCPU virtual machines

    We needed more RAM on our application's primary database server, so we resized our VM from a ds12 to a ds14-4. Standard ds14 VMs are 16 core 112GB of RAM. The ds14-4 is constrained to 4 cores but still has 112GB of RAM. This fits our compute needs and saves us thousands on SQL Server licensing. We found out after the fact that we're being charged for 16 cores of windows server licensing, even though the VM only has 4 cores assigned to it. This is by design at this time, and I believe this should be changed.

    Yahoo Account Recovery

    Getting the answer to the question, how to do yahoo account recovery, is not a challenging job. Have any doubt then just make a call on Yahoo Customer Service Number or go through the provided link.

    Provide a propper status of all sdks in use for Azure

    I have to spend a proper amount of time to figure out what SDK to use when I get to play with a new service.Today it was Azure Service bus. There is Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus at 4.1.4 that seems to be the new standard. But you have Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.EventProcessorHost 5.0 that is for "EventHub distributed partition processing" with a dependency on WindowsAzure.ServiceBus 6.0. And there are more, with all of these updated recently.Could you at lease provide a good up to date description in the NuGet packages? If I were new to Azure, this mess would make me reconsider my choice. Even better would be a webpage with what is obsolete and being or have been superseded by.

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