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    ASP.NET Core Token Acquisition Exception

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    Precalculate OLAP cube inside Azure Synapse

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    mock azure apis with scripts

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    Application Gateway Reverse Proxy capability

    Currently i don't believe the Azure Application gateway (WAF V2) has reverse proxy capability like a dedicated nginx VM, which fetches data from a backend or some external website and displays content in the frontend URL which does not change in the URL bar.E.g. Proxy all requests from to get a response from backend (or external website) at and display the content from at for e.g. is an Azure web app, and is some third party from whom we wish to display content from.Or am i wrong, and we do have some way of achieving this with just an application gateway?To achieve this we setup a nginx VM and have it added as a backend pool in the Azure application gateway. We have added a rule to detect and apply a path based redirect for "/test" and send it a backend pool which has the IP address of the nginx VM we set up.The nginx config is as follows there:proxy_set_header Host $host;proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;proxy_pass;proxy_buffering off;We need to be able to use a Rewrite Set to achieve this, please add that functionality. I've tried many combinations of rewrite set, but they don't achieve reverse proxy capability like nginx.

    Complete ARM Template Validation

    The Resource Manager Template for Log Analytics does not fully validate all keys. This is a suggestion to do so.Issue: Deploying an ARM template (in Blueprints) with an invalid proptery does not throw an error but allows the deployment to complete. In my case, the property "retention" was used but only "retentionInDays" is supported.

    Custom role to manage alerts and diagnostic settings without requiring subscription-level role assignment

    While trying to grant a user the ability to configure and manage diagnostic alerts on a resource, we were informed by MS support that we had to assign the user the Log Analytics Contributor role at the subscription level. This then granted the user the ability to browse all resources in the subscription and even shut down VMs. There needs to be a way to allow a user to manage alerts on specific resources without granting them access to everything else.

    From the portal UI, ability to attach NSG to a subnet on vNet creation.

    For the portal UI, you cannot attach a NSG to a subnet while creating a vNet. The API allows this. The reason this would be useful is because we want to create an Azure Policy that requires an NSG to be attached to all subnets (exception being the GatewaySubnet). This policy would prevent us from creating a vNet via the portal UI since you can't attach a NSG to a subnet on vNet creation.

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