Azure Data Explorer

Time series analysis in Azure Data Explorer


Azure Data Explorer is a lightning fast service optimized for data exploration. It enables users to get instant visibility into very large raw datasets in near real-time to analyze performance, identify trends and anomalies, and diagnose problems.

Principal Data Scientist, Azure Data Explorer

Taboola improves customer experiences with Azure Data Explorer


How can you take billions of lines of log data, explore it to identify those hidden gems of information, and act on those insights instantly to improve your customers’ experience, enhance your product, and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world?

Group Program Manager, Azure Data Explorer

Azure Data Explorer Technology 101


For our own troubleshooting needs, the Azure Data Explorer team wanted to run ad-hoc queries on the massive telemetry data stream produced by our service. Finding no suitable solution, we decided to create one.

Architect, Azure Data Explorer

Azure データ エクスプローラーの概要


本日 Microsoft は、オーランドで開催された Microsoft Ignite で、Azure データ エクスプローラーのプレビューを 41 のリージョンを対象に発表しました。これは、データ探索用に最適化されたきわめて高速なサービスです。このサービスは、組織がペタバイト規模の構造化データと非構造化データからすばやく分析情報を検出するのに役立ちます。

Group Program Manager, Azure Data Explorer