Internet of Things

Leveraging AI and digital twins to transform manufacturing with Sight Machine


In the world of manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has come, and that means data. A loT of data. Smart machines, equipped with sensors, add to the large quantity of data already generated from quality systems, MES, ERP and other production systems.

Principal Manufacturing Industry Lead, Azure Industry Experiences Team

Expanding Azure IoT certification service to support Azure IoT Edge devices


In December 2018, Microsoft launched the Azure IoT certification service, a web-based test automation workflow to streamline the certification process through self-serve tools. Azure IoT certification service (AICS) was designed to reduce the operational processes and engineering costs for hardware manufacturers to get their devices certified for Azure Certified for IoT program and be showcased on the Azure IoT device catalog.

Senior Program Manager, Azure IoT

Device template library in IoT Central


With the new addition of a device template library into our Device Templates page, we are making it easier than ever to onboard and model your devices. Now, when you get started with creating a new template, you can choose between building one from scratch or you can quickly select from a library of existing device templates.

Program Manager II, Azure IoT Central

Azure Stream Analytics の地理空間機能を更新 - クラウドと Azure IoT Edge で使用可能


Azure Stream Analytics は、さまざまなデバイスやアプリケーションから収集されるテレメトリに対してリアルタイム分析や複雑なイベント処理ロジックを実行できるフル マネージド PaaS サービスです。組み込みの関数が多数用意されているため、シンプルな SQL 言語によるリアルタイム分析アプリケーションがきわめて簡単に構築できます。

Principal Program Manager, Azure Stream Analytics