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July 2016

Jul 13

General availability: Microsoft Azure IoT Hub S3 edition


Microsoft Azure IoT Hub S3 addresses enterprise scenarios where you have a large number of devices that generate large amounts of data and must transmit messages frequently.

  • Azure IoT Hub
Jul 13

General availability: Microsoft R Server for Linux virtual machines


Microsoft R Server, the most broadly deployable enterprise-class analytics platform for R available today, is generally available.

Jul 13

General availability: SQL Server Stretch Database


With SQL Server Stretch Database, you can dynamically stretch warm and cold transactional data from Microsoft SQL Server 2016 to Azure.

  • SQL Server Stretch Database
Jul 13

General availability: Two new Azure regions

Two new Azure regions are generally available to customers in the United States and across the globe: West US 2 and West Central US.

June 2016

Jun 28

Point-in-time restore retention for Standard tier extended to 35 days


For Azure SQL Database, all Standard-tier databases and Standard-tire elastic database pools now have 35 days of retention built in, at no extra charge.

Jun 9

Azure Search S3 and S3 High Density tiers in public preview, and Basic tier generally available


Azure Search helps developers build rich, first-class search experiences into their applications.

  • Azure Cognitive Search
Jun 9

Generally available: Azure Redis Cache Premium tier in India and Canada


The Azure Redis Cache Premium tier is enterprise ready. It can be used as a cache and to persist data for resiliency against potential data loss.

  • Azure Cache for Redis
Jun 8

Announcing: F-Series of compute-optimized virtual machines


F-Series virtual machines are optimized for compute-intensive workloads. This series contains 10 additional compute-optimized VM sizes and the option to optimize for standard or premium storage.

  • Virtual Machines

May 2016

May 26

New generation of D-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services in Japan West

The new generation of D-Series instances is available in Japan West. These Dv2 instances offer more powerful CPUs and run about 35 percent faster than the current D-Series.

  • Cloud Services
  • Virtual Machines
May 12

Public preview: Speaker Recognition API for Microsoft Cognitive Services


Speaker Recognition API features include speaker verification and speaker identification.

  • Cognitive Services
May 12

General availability: Azure Content Delivery Network from Akamai is now available


Today we're excited to announce the general availability of Azure Content Delivery Network from Akamai.

  • Content Delivery Network
May 10

Azure Scheduler: P10 and new P20 Premium plans

The Azure Scheduler Premium plan has been renamed to P10 Premium, and a new P20 Premium plan has been released.

  • Scheduler

April 2016

Apr 29

New Dv2 instances for Azure HDInsight

A new instance size, D5 v2, extends the Dv2-Series for Azure HDInsight. It has 16 cores and 56 GB of memory.

  • HDInsight
Apr 29

Active geo-replication available on all Azure SQL Database service tiers

We've expanded our geo-replication features by enabling Active geo-replication across Azure SQL Database Basic and Standard service tiers.

  • Azure SQL Database
Apr 14

Azure App Service SSL certificates available for purchase

You can purchase Standard SSL certificates or Wildcard SSL certificates.

  • App Service
Apr 4

New offer for customers who use ExpressRoute for Office 365 traffic

Azure ExpressRoute Premium tier has three distinct advantages over the non-Premium version of the service: global connectivity, a larger number of virtual networks, and a larger number of routes (private and public peering).

  • Azure ExpressRoute
Apr 1

Ability to switch to another offer available

Customers can switch their Pay-As-You-Go subscription to another offer via the Azure Account Center.

Apr 1

Public preview: Azure Storage Service Encryption


Azure Storage Service Encryption is now available for Azure Blob Storage (block and page blobs) upon request for any new storage account created through Azure Resource Manager.

  • Storage Accounts
Apr 1

General availability: Azure Data Catalog


Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that stores, describes, indexes, and shows how to access any registered data asset.

  • Data Catalog
Apr 1

Azure Cosmos DB: New pricing option

We are excited to announce a new pricing option for Azure Cosmos DB, offering greater flexibility in optimizing cost and performance.

  • Azure Cosmos DB

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