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    July 2019

    Jul 15

    A new set of Azure SDKs is now available in preview

    A new set of libraries for working with Azure Storage, Cosmos DB, Key Vault, and Event Hubs in Java, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, and C# is now available in preview.

    Jul 15

    Multi-protocol Data Access for Azure Data Lake Storage is now in public preview

    New functionality that will enable you to manage the same data using either Blob APIs or Data Lake Storage Gen2 APIs is now available in preview.

    Jul 1

    Azure Cosmos DB ExpressRoute BGP Community now available

    We are now announcing the addition of the Azure Cosmos DB community on ExpressRoute, which will allow for regional advertisements of Azure Cosmos DB.

    February 2019

    Feb 5

    Azure Storage Account Failover is now in public preview

    Azure Storage Account Failover enables customers to control when to failover their GRS and RA-GRS storage accounts from the primary to the secondary region.

    January 2019

    Jan 29

    Avere vFXT for Azure: New ARM Template Deployment now available

    A new deployment wizard is now available for the Avere vFXT for Azure, a high-performance caching solution, to improve set-up processes.

    Jan 23

    Preview refresh: Azure Backup supports PowerShell and ACLs for Azure Files

    You can now retain your backup of Azure Files shares for 10 years by using Azure Backup and PowerShell.

    November 2018

    Nov 19

    Blob storage Germany resource GUID and name changes

    Effective January 1, 2019, resource GUIDs and names for Azure Blob storage for Germany regions will change.

    October 2018

    Oct 15

    Limited public preview: Premium blobs in the Azure portal

    You can create and manage premium blob storage accounts from the Azure portal. This preview is available in the US East 2, US Central, and US West regions.

    September 2018

    Sep 26
    Sep 24

    Greater storage capacity and performance with new Azure Disks SKUs.

    New Azure Managed Disks SKUs for premium SSDs, standard SSDs, and standard HDDs will reach up to 32 TiB (32,767 GB). Performance will now reach up to 20,000 IOPS and 750 MBps.

    June 2018

    Jun 28

    Static website hosting for Azure Storage now in public preview

    Today we are excited to announce the public preview of static website hosting for Azure Storage

    Jun 27

    Announcing the preview for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

    Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 offers a no-compromise data lake. It unifies the core capabilities from the first generation of Azure Data Lake with a Hadoop compatible file system endpoint now directly integrated into Azure Blob Storage. This enhancement combines the scale and cost benefits of object storage with the reliability and performance typically associated only with on-premises file systems. This new file system includes a full hierarchical namespace that makes files and folders first class citizens, translating to faster, more reliable analytic job execution.

    Jun 5

    SQL Data Warehouse PolyBase support for Azure Storage Encryption using customer-managed keys

    PolyBase in SQL Data Warehouse, the preferred loading mechanism, can transparently read data from the encrypted storage layer and move the data in a secure way by using the WASBS protocol.

    Jun 4

    Standard SSD Disks for Azure Virtual Machines is now in public preview

    Azure Standard SSDs are a cost-effective Managed Disk solution optimized for dev-test and entry-level production applications requiring consistent latency.

    May 2018

    May 30

    General availability: Soft delete for Azure Storage blobs

    Soft delete for Azure Storage is available in all regions for public, government, and sovereign clouds.

    May 30

    Refresh 2 release for Azure File Sync preview

    If you want to take your current deployment of Azure File Sync seamlessly to the upcoming GA release, be sure to update your server agent to Refresh 2.

    May 16

    GUID migration: Storage Managed Disks

    Effective July 1, 2018, Premium Managed Disks customers will be migrated to new GUIDs.

    April 2018

    Apr 16

    GUID migration: Zone Redundant Storage

    Starting June 1, 2018, we will migrate the GUIDs of zone-redundant snapshots and images for managed disks from Locally Redundant Storage GUIDs to Zone Redundant Storage GUIDs.