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    July 2019

    Jul 15

    Cognitive Services Form Recognizer prebuilt capability

    Form Recognizer learns the structure of your forms to intelligently extract text and data.

    Jul 10

    Cognitive Services Text Analytics sentiment v3 available in public preview

    The latest release of the Text Analytics API's sentiment capability (v3) provides a significant improvement in detecting positive, neutral, and negative sentiment of text documents. It is available in public preview Central Canada, East Asia, and Central US.

    June 2019

    Jun 20

    Public Preview: Immersive Reader, an Azure Cognitive Service

    Immersive Reader is an Azure Cognitive Service for developers who want to embed inclusive capabilities into their apps for enhancing text reading and comprehension for users regardless of age or ability.

    Jun 6

    Cognitive Services Text Analytics' Named Entity Recognition is now available

    We are happy to announce the general availability of Named Entity Recognition supporting English and Spanish languages as part of Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics API.

    April 2019

    Apr 2

    Anomaly Detector is now available

    Anomaly Detector, a new service within Azure Cognitive Services, is now available for developers. Easily embed anomaly detection capabilities into your apps to quickly identify problems and help minimize loss and customer impact.

    Apr 2

    Cognitive Services Custom Vision is now available

    Easily customize your own state-of-the-art computer vision models for your unique use case. Just upload a few labeled images and let Custom Vision Service do the hard work. With just one click, you can export trained models to be run on a device or as Docker containers.

    January 2019

    Jan 18

    Azure Cognitive Services Custom Speech Model Hosting resource GUID change

    Effective April 1, 2019, the resource GUIDs and the unit of measure for Azure Cognitive Services Custom Speech Model Hosting will change.

    December 2018

    Dec 19

    Cognitive Services Speech Services neural text-to-speech capability is in preview

    Cognitive Services Speech Services now offers a neural text-to-speech capability in preview. Use this capability to deploy voices to apps that are nearly indistinguishable from the human voice.

    Dec 11

    Connect Cognitive Services subscription to enable unlimited skillset execution

    Starting December 21, 2018, you’ll be able to associate your Cognitive Services subscription with an Azure Search skillset. The skillset execution will be charged as part of the Cognitive Services subscription. On December 21, 2018, we’ll also begin charging for image extraction as part of our document-cracking stage. Text extraction from documents will continue to be offered at no additional cost.

    Dec 4

    Custom Translation capability of Text Translator

    Announcing general availability of custom translation capability in Translator Text Cognitive Service

    Dec 4

    Language Understanding Container Support: Preview

    Announcing Language Understanding Cognitive Service Container Support in Preview

    November 2018

    Nov 14

    Azure Cognitive Services Containers are in preview

    Deploy Azure Cognitive Services on-premises and on the edge with container support in Cognitive Services. Cognitive Services containers allow developers to use the same intelligent APIs that are available in Azure, but with the flexibility that comes with Docker containers.

    Nov 14

    Azure Cognitive Services new enhancements

    New enhancements include Logo Detection in Custom Vision Service and Translation improvements.

    October 2018

    Oct 17

    Azure Cognitive Services available in new regions

    New regions are now available for Azure Cognitive Services. The Content Moderator, Computer Vision, Face, Translator Text, and Language Understanding (LUIS) Services are now generally available in US Government regions.

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Azure Cognitive Services—Speech Service now generally available

    Speech service is now generally available, combining the following capabilities in one service: speech-to-text; text-to-speech; custom speech; and speech translation.

    July 2018

    Jul 16

    Public preview: Speech SDK 0.5.0 for Cognitive Services

    Version 0.5.0 of the Speech SDK for Cognitive Services has been released with support for UWP, .NET Standard, and Java; feature updates; and bug fixes.

    June 2018

    Jun 7

    Cognitive Services Speech SDK June 2018 update

    Cognitive Services Speech SDK 0.4.0 has been released with additional functionalities of audio input stream support and detailed output format support, along with bug fixes.

    May 2018

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Custom Vision Service API

    Custom Vision Service API aims to identify trained objects and show their location within images.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Computer Vision API

    Computer Vision API represents a collection of state-of-the-art image-processing algorithms, designed to return information based on visual content and to help generate suitable thumbnails.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Bing Visual Search API

    Bing Visual Search API is a new service that delivers intelligent image understanding capabilities from Bing.