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Monthly updates for July 2020

Jul 21

One- and three- year reserved capacity for Azure DB for PostgreSQL-Hyperscale (Citus)


Azure Database for PostgreSQL-Hyperscale (Citus) reserved capacity is now available to reserve compute power for your existing and future Hyperscale (Citus) server groups. 

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Jul 21

Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions is now available in preview


Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions is a new Azure-native monitoring product for customers running SAP landscapes on Azure. It’s now available in public preview in US East, US East 2, US West 2, and West Eu regions.

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Jul 13

Azure Data Box Disk is now available in China


Target availability: Q3 2020

Azure Data Box Disk is now available for preview in the China East, China East 2, China North, and China North 2 regions.

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Jul 8

Introducing Azure Load Balancer Insights using Azure Monitor for Networks


Azure Load Balancer customers now have instant access to a preconfigured solution for health monitoring and configuration analysis enabling rapid fault localization and informed design decisions.

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