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    Monthly updates for April 2019

    Apr 19

    Azure reservations: New experience and APIs for purchasing reservations

    Azure reservation updates include new purchase experience and APIs.

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    Apr 19

    Reserved Capacity Pricing for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now generally available

    Starting today, you can now use the Azure SQL Data Warehouse Reserved Capacity pricing to reserve compute power for existing and future clusters. This option provides you savings up to 65% cDWU capacity.

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    Apr 11

    Price reductions for Azure Container Instances are now available

    Azure Container Instances overall price reductions of anywhere between 35% and 50% depending on region and usage pattern.

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    Apr 2

    Azure Search—New storage optimized service tiers are now in preview

    The new L-series tiers offer significantly more storage at a reduced cost per terabyte compared to the standard tiers. This is ideal for internal applications searching over large file repositories, archival scenarios when you have business data going back many years, or e-discovery applications.

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    Apr 2

    Reduced pricing for Azure AD B2C

    The Azure AD B2C service will no longer charge for "Stored Users" starting April 1, 2019, to lower the cost of managing consumer identities.

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    Apr 1

    B-series update: B1ls is now available

    The new B1ls Azure virtual machine, which has the smallest memory and lowest cost among Azure VM instances, is now available.

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