Azure Virtual Network

Azure Virtual Network enables you to create a logically isolated section in Azure and securely connect it to your on-premises datacenter or a single client machine using an IPsec connection. Virtual Network makes it easy for you to take advantage of Azure’s scalable, on-demand infrastructure while providing connectivity to data and applications on-premises, including systems running on Windows Server, mainframes and UNIX.

When using Virtual Network you are backed by a 99.9% monthly SLA and have flexibility to enable a range of hybrid IT scenarios.

Use Virtual Network to:

Extend your datacenter

Virtual Network makes it easy to extend your datacenter using Azure much in the same way that you would set up and connect to a remote branch office. You retain control over the network topology and configuration, and manage it in the same way you would your on-premises infrastructure.

Build distributed applications

Virtual Network makes it easier to build cloud applications hosted in a hybrid environment, maintaining secure connections with on-premises infrastructure without the creation of custom codes. For example, a web application hosted in Azure can securely access an on-premise SQL Server database server or authenticate users against an on-premise Active Directory service.

Remotely debug your applications

With Virtual Network, you can create a direct connection between your local development machine and virtual machines hosted in Azure, which allows you to troubleshoot and debug them using the same tools you would use for on-premises applications.

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