HDInsight Service

Where Big Data meets the Cloud

HDInsight is a Hadoop-based service from Microsoft that brings a 100 percent Apache Hadoop solution to the cloud. A modern, cloud-based data platform that manages data of any type, whether structured or unstructured, and of any size, HDInsight makes it possible for you to gain the full value of big data.

With HDInsight you can seamlessly process data of all types through Microsoft’s modern data platform, which provides simplicity, ease of management, and an open Enterprise-ready Hadoop service all running in the cloud. You can analyze your Hadoop data with PowerPivot, Power View and other Microsoft BI tools, thanks to integration with Microsoft data platform.

Insights with familiar tools

Through deep integration with Microsoft BI tools such as PowerPivot, Power View, HDInsight enables you to easily analyze Hadoop data for insights. Seamlessly combine data from several sources, including HDInsight, with Power Query. Easily map your data with the new Power Map, a 3D mapping tool in Excel 2013.

Deployment agility

HDInsight offers agility to meet the changing needs of your organization. With a rich library of Powershell scripts you can deploy and provision a Hadoop cluster in minutes instead of hours or days. If you need a larger cluster you can simply delete your cluster and create a bigger one in minutes without losing any data.

Enterprise-ready Hadoop

HDInsight offers enterprise-class security, scalability and manageability. Thanks to a dedicated Secure Node, HDInsight helps you secure your Hadoop cluster. You can also take full advantage of the elastic scalability of Azure. In addition, we simplify manageability of your Hadoop cluster through extensive support for PowerShell scripting.

Rich Developer Experience

HDInsight offers powerful programming capabilities with a choice of languages including .NET, Java and other languages. .NET developers can exploit the full power of language-integrated query with LINQ to Hive. And Database Developers can use existing skills to query and transform data through Hive.

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