Automate, configure, and install updates across hybrid environments

Save time and lower overhead costs

Automate all of those frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone cloud management tasks. Azure Automation service helps you focus on work that adds business value. By reducing errors and boosting efficiency, it also helps to lower your operational costs.

Update Windows and Linux systems across hybrid environments

Monitor update compliance across Azure, on-premises, and other cloud platforms for Windows and Linux. Schedule deployments to orchestrate the installation of updates within a defined maintenance window.

Simplify configuration management in the cloud

Author and manage PowerShell configurations, import configuration scripts, and generate node configurations—all in the cloud. Use Azure Configuration Management to monitor and automatically update machine configuration across physical and virtual machines, Windows, or Linux—in the cloud or on-premises.

Collect inventory and track changes

Get an inventory of operating system resources including installed applications and other configuration items. Use rich reporting and search to quickly find detailed information on everything that’s configured within the operating system. Track changes across services, daemons, software, registry, and files to promptly investigate issues—and turn on diagnostics and alerting to monitor for unwanted changes.

Integrate with the services you depend on

Write runbooks graphically in PowerShell or Python to integrate Azure services and other public systems required for deploying, configuring, and managing your end-to-end processes. Orchestrate across on-premises environments using a hybrid runbook worker to deliver on-demand services.

Trigger automation from ITSM, DevOps, and monitoring systems to fulfill requests and ensure continuous delivery and management.

Deliver more reliable services, faster

Rely on serverless runbooks to automatically grow as your operational tasks increase. Deliver services more quickly and consistently by focusing on adding business rather than maintaining the management system.

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