Azure Active Directory Customer and Partner

An identity solution that unlocks digital experiences for your customers and partners

Manage identities beyond your organizational boundaries

Provide seamless and highly secure digital experiences for partners, customers, citizens, patients, or any other user outside your organization with the level of customization and control your business requires. Bring user directories together into one portal to manage access across organizational boundaries.

B2B collaboration with users across applications, including Teams, SharePoint, Salesforce, and DocuSign

Easily accessible reviews and approval workflows for more secure interactions with guest users

Customizable sign-in experiences with company branding for customer-facing apps

Identity Protection with ongoing monitoring and detection for all users in your directory

Use a single identity platform

Save money and reduce the complexity of managing multiple disconnected identity systems. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) offers a single cloud-based platform for customer and partner identity and access management with market-leading flexibility and scalability.

Connect with people, not user types

Remove business barriers to creating and maintaining digital relationships. Quickly grant access to the right applications with one sign-in experience. Apply a greater level of security and governance for partners to ensure appropriate access to your organization’s resources anytime, anywhere.

Integrate apps for easy access

Build an identity experience that works for any user on any device. Make it easy for your customers and partners to authenticate using their existing account, social media account, phone number, or credentials from any standards-based identity provider.

Documentation, training, and resources

B2B and B2C capabilities

Azure AD B2B and B2C both help you work with external users—learn how they compare.

Guest user access

Learn how to securely share your applications and services with guest users.

Customer identity management

Explore customer identity management in Azure AD.

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