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Getting started with Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio is a cloud-hosted drag-and-drop tool that allows analysts, data scientists, and developers to create and deploy machine learning models without writing a single line of code. Learn about preparing datasets, how to choose the right algorithm to solve your problem, and how to publish your machine learning models.

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Unleash the value of your video with Linius and Azure Cognitive Services

See how Linius teams up with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to deliver previously impossible hyper-personalized video experiences. Instantly search the data within video, from across any number of sources, and then automatically assemble the results on-the-fly. Or, programmatically push an infinite number of hyper-personalized video streams to each viewer. No human hands required.

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Transform Your Business with AI at Microsoft

Want to lead your own digital transformation? Join us on 12/4 to learn more about the What, Why, and How of AI at Microsoft.

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Azure Machine Learning Fundamentals

The foundation of machine learning and Microsoft Azure offering. This seminar will explain the foundation of machine learning in general and then delve into what Microsoft Azure has to offer in the realm of machine leaning and artificial intelligence. It will provide a summary of existing Azure tools and cognitive services to build your next intelligent app natively on the cloud.

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FY19 September - AI and Machine Learning on Azure

AI for All!  Microsoft has a wide array of cognitive and AI services that you can use to Infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication. Azure also has machine learning capabilities that ingest wide varieties of data using time tested algorithms to help organizations predict outcomes.  Attend this webinar to discover all of them!

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Create Your First Intelligent Bot with Azure AI

Join this webinar to learn how to use AI to augment human ingenuity and create the next generation of intelligent applications. You’ll learn: How the intersection of cloud, data, and AI helps you build intelligent applications, about the tools, infrastructure, and services available as part of the Microsoft Azure AI platform and how to teach your bot to use prebuilt AI capabilities in computer vision, speech, and translation.

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Azure webinar series: Enterprise Data Curation for the AI Future

Data is the foundation of artificial intelligence. Join this webinar from GigaOm Research and Microsoft to learn: About AI’s impending impact on the world, what organizations need to do to prepare for building AI solutions and how to build a data platform to bring together all kinds of data. Corporate skill requirements

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